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English - Philips 9000 SERIES S91 SERIES Booklet

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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully
benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at
Please read this user manual, as it contains information about the
features of this shaver as well as some tips to make shaving easier
and more enjoyable.
General description (Fig.1)
Protection cap for cleansing brush attachment
2 Click-on cleansing brush attachment
3 Comb for beard styler attachment
4 Click-on beard styler attachment
5 Click-on trimmer attachment
6 Click-on shaving unit
7 On/off button
8 Socket for small plug
9 Exclamation mark
10 Replacement reminder
11 Battery charge indicator
12 Travel lock symbol
13 Cleaning reminder
14 SmartClean system
15 Cap of SmartClean system
16 On/off button
17 Replacement symbol
18 Cleaning symbol
19 Ready symbol
20 Charge symbol
21 Cleaning cartridge for SmartClean system
22 Supply unit
23 Small plug
24 Retaining ring holder
25 Pouch
The accessories supplied may vary for different products. The box
shows the accessories that have been supplied with your appliance.

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