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Other Features - Sony BVM-E250 Manual

Oled monitors
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Ethernet-based remote control
The BVM-E and BVM-F Series monitors and the BKM-16R
Monitor Control Unit are equipped with an Ethernet port,
allowing remote control of display parameters across a
standard Ethernet connection. One BKM-16R Monitor Control
Unit can control up to thirty-two (32) BVM* monitors.
* Includes BVM-A CRT monitors, BVM-L , PVM-L, and BVM-E/-F Series monitors.
Easy Setup and Adjustment
Auto White Adjustment*
The BVM-E and BVM-F Series monitors employ a software-based
color temperature (white balance) calibration function, which
is called "Monitor_AutoWhiteAdjustment". Combined with a PC
and commercially available calibration tools*
enables simple adjustment of the monitor's white balance.
*1 Supported with version 1.1 or later BVM monitor operation system
*2 Konica Minolta CA-210, CA-310, CS-200, DK-Technologies PM 639/06,
X-Rite i1 (Eye-One) Pro, Photo Research PR-670, Klein K-10, and ETI
specbos 1211. A connector is required for each color analyzer.
Calibration tools and connectors are sold separately.
"Monitor_AutoWhiteAdjuestment" GUI image
Built-in Color Sensor for Auto White Adjustment
The BVM-E170 and BVM-F170 are equipped with a built-in
color sensor, which allows the user to calibrate the monitor's
color temperature (white balance) as needed without an
external probe. Calibration performance is minimally affected
by ambient light.
This function ensures color and gamma consistency, and
reduces user maintenance tasks.
"Character Off" button
To facilitate parameter adjustments, the On-Screen Menu
indication can be taken off the screen, while in Menu mode.
The On-Screen Menu indication can be toggled on or off with
a simple press of a button on the BKM-16R s front panel.
Auto Chroma / Phase adjustment*
An Auto Chroma / Phase / Matrix setup function is provided
on BVM-E and BVM-F Series monitors, which automatically
adjusts the monitor's chroma, phase, and matrix using
external color bars.
* Supports analog signal inputs only.
DC operation
, this function
The BVM-E170 and BVM-F170 can be DC operated. Due to
their lightweight and small-size design, with a comparable
height to the former 14-inch BVM-CRT monitors, the BVM-E170
and BVM-F170 are ideal for field and OB van applications.
Tilt stand for BVM-E250 / F250

Other features

VESA™ Mounting (200 x 100 mm pitch)*
EIA 19-inch Standard Rack-mountable*
Blue Only
H Delay / V Delay
NTSC Setup Level (0%, 7.5%)
Component Level (SMPTE / EBU-N10 or Betacam)
Serial Remote (Ethernet)
Parallel Remote (D-sub 9-pin)
Tally Lamp (Amber)
EXT Sync (for RGB / YUV)
Remote Maintenance
*1 BVM-E2 0 / BVM-F2 0 only.
*2 BVM-E170 / BVM-F170 only. Mounting brackets are supplied.
BVM-E170 rear view
10° 5°
BVM-E250 with the optional BKM-37H tilt stand
BVM Series



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