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Sony BVM-E250 Manual page 2

Oled monitors
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Sony OLED – Re-defining
the Master Monitor and Picture Monitor
Sony is proud to introduce its latest lineup of OLED (organic light emitting diode) monitors.
These include three separate series to fit most any need in your production process.
The BVM E series offers performance and features for work with extremely critical
technical needs. The BVM F series offers features and performance for production and post
production applications where content will deliver to a broadcaster, and the PVM series
offers features and performance for general usages.
Only Sony has the capability to develop products such as these, as the company builds on
over 30 years of CRT and LCD master monitor experience in the production industry, and
has created its own sophisticated OLED display devices and signal processing engines.
Sony has developed these 24.5-inch and 16.5-inch professional OLED display panels for
critical professional use. The OLED is a self-emitting device, and can deliver deep blacks,
high-contrast, accurate color reproduction, and quick response with virtually no motion blur.
And yet it features a wide color gamut, meeting ITU-R BT.709, EBU, and SMPTE-C broadcast
standards, and conforming to the wider DCI-P3 color gamut.*
Furthermore, the newly developed OLED processor with cutting-edge technology offers
quality consistency, superb uniformity, and long-term reliability.
Sony optimizes the potential of the OLED panel using unique Super Top Emission OLED
technology along with the dedicated OLED processor. The combination of these
technological developments elevate the BVM-E, BVM-F, and PVM Series to a new level of
next-generation master monitors and picture monitors, re-setting the industry's ultimate
reference point.
With Sony OLED fully unleashed, Sony starts a new and important chapter in professional
monitor history.
*1 24.5-inch (623.4 mm), measured diagonally.
*2 16.5-inch (419.7 mm), measured diagonally.
*3 The color gamut described in SMPTE RP 431-2-2007. The chromaticity of the green-red region is not covered in full. BVM-E Series only.



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