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Robust, light-weight, and compact body
Incorporating a light-weight and compact aluminum-diecast
body with a detachable AR-coated protection panel,
this model is flexible enough to change style according
to user requirements: with or without stand (which is
easily detachable), tilted on a stand (15-degree slant),
rack-mounted, or set on a camera pedestal.
with supplied
without stand
stand tilt (15°)
Screw holes for camera pedestal
With 3/8-inch and 1/4-inch
screw holes on its base, the
PVM-740 can be installed in
a camera pedestal.
Detachable AR (anti-reflection)-coated
protection panel
AR-coated protection panel helps
to keep the OLED panel surface
from scratching and helps to keep
reflection from ambient light to a
Hood Kit VF-510
For use in the field, the optional
VF- 10 Hood Kit provides a
viewing hood, carrying handle
and connector protector
TRIMASTER EL OLED Portable Picture
Monitor – PVM-740
The PVM-740 is a portable monitor in the PVM Series of OLED
monitors. It packs high performance and a variety of features
and functions in its robust and compact body.
Sony Super Top Emission OLED panel with a 10-bit RGB driver
Deep black and high contrast, high-purity deep color reproduction,
and quick response with virtually no motion blur
Wide color gamut and accurate gamma supporting broadcast
standards (SMPTE-C, EBU, and ITU-R BT.709)
Audio level meter and waveform monitor
Screen saver function
7.4-inch OLED panel
Silent mode
External remote function
PVM-740 installed in the
optional MB-531 19"
mounting bracket with
MB-532 mounting panel
1/4 inch hole
3/8 inch hole
PVM-740 rear and bottom
PVM-740 with VF-510 Hood Kit
Camera focus function
The PVM-740 can control and
increase the aperture level of a video
signal, and display images on the
screen with sharpened edges to
help camera focus operation. This
camera focus function can even
be enhanced when combined with
native scan mode.
Flip function
The PVM-740 monitor has a feature to flip a picture without
frame delay, horizontally, vertically, or horizontally and vertically.
This feature is useful and beneficial - for example, when using a
3D image acquisition system with a 3D rig camera. This allows
for much simpler system integration and greater cost efficiency.
Input versatility
The PVM-740 is equipped with
built-in standard input interfaces:
3G/HD/SD-SDI (x1),
composite (x1),
and HDMI input (x1).
PVM Series
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