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Sony PVM-740 Interface Manual For Programmers

Professional video monitor
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Video Monitor
Interface Manual for Programmers
© 2010 Sony Corporation



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  Summary of Contents for Sony PVM-740

  • Page 1 4-176-664-31(1) Professional Video Monitor Interface Manual for Programmers PVM-740 © 2010 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Ethernet Overview ..............3 Connections ............3 Communication Protocol ........4 SDAP ..............4 SDCP ..............4 Command Block Format ........5 SDAP Packets ............. 5 SDCP Packets ............. 6 VMC Command Description ........ 8 Format of VMC Packets ........8 Details of VMC Commands .......
  • Page 3: Ethernet

    Ethernet Connections When you connect the unit to the network that uses the Ethernet, use the straight cable. When using a hub for network connection, use a hub with automatic cable type Overview (straight or cross) detection feature (AUTO MDIX). This unit can control the monitor using the commands Network ports used by the monitor (the FTP described in this manual via the network (Ethernet).
  • Page 4: Communication Protocol

    Definition of the SDAP protocol Communication Category Description Protocol Protocol name SDAP (Simple Display Advertisement Protocol) You can control the monitor using the Simple Display Transport type Control Protocol (SDCP) and the Simple Display Port number 53862 Advertisement Protocol (SDAP), which define the Broadcast interval Monitor: 15 seconds packet conventions and communication procedures for Controller: 30 seconds...
  • Page 5: Command Block Format

    SDAP packet version 4 includes all of the fields Category: Indicates the category number of the display comprising version 3, which is used for the SONY SRX device. For a monitor, it is fixed to 0Bh. For a monitor projector, plus Group ID and Unit ID.
  • Page 6: Sdcp Packets

    Format ID settings for various connection modes Version 3 includes all of the fields comprising version 2, which is used for SONY SRX projector, plus Group ID Mode Group ID Unit ID and Unit ID, with the Data length field changed to two Peer to Peer bytes.
  • Page 7 SDCP request Error response Request Description NG (00h) Item No. Error Code (16) SET (00h) Specifies the command request. Status requests are also considered as commands. Support for broadcast communication Response The broadcast communication via UDP is supported for Returns the result to the request sent from the host. controlling more than one monitor from a single controller.
  • Page 8: Vmc Command Description

    VMC Command Monitor Controller Description Request STATset (1) You can control the monitor settings using VMC packets superimposed on SDCP. A VMC packet is applied to Response OK Executes the Data field of an SDCP packet to send commands to (Data length=0) command (1) the monitor and receive its status.
  • Page 9: Details Of Vmc Commands

    SDCP (UDP) communication sequence The following diagram shows the communication sequence for ALL and Group-mode SDCP (UDP) communication: Controller Monitor Request STATset Request STATset Request STATget Unusable Details of VMC Commands VMC category The following table lists the VMC command categories: List of command categories Category Communication...
  • Page 10 Command Enter the setting value in [Value] (do not enter [ ].) Send (Ethernet t Monitor) Function Command Name Command SDCP (Ethernet Button CONTROL INFObutton MENU Display/non-display the menu. Command) V0.2 INFObutton MENUUP Moves the menu item upward. INFObutton MENUDOWN Moves the menu item downward.
  • Page 11 Function Command Name Command Send (Ethernet t Monitor) STATset KEYINHIBIT OFF Sets KEY INHIBIT to OFF. STATset TALLYGREEN OFF Sets the tally green to OFF. STATset TALLYRED OFF Sets the tally red to OFF. STATset HVDELAY OFF Sets the H/V delay function to OFF. STATset BLUEONLY OFF Sets BLUE ONLY to OFF.
  • Page 12 Function Command Name Command Send (Ethernet t Monitor) Marker STATset MARKER OFF Sets the marker to OFF. STATset MARKER ON Sets the marker to ON. STATset MARKERSEL OFF Sets the ASPECT marker to OFF. STATset MARKERSEL 4B3 Sets the 4:3 marker. STATset MARKERSEL 16B9 Sets the 16:9 marker.
  • Page 13 Sony Corporation...

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