Common Solutions For Concerns; Before You Call - Electrolux 242232501 Use And Care Manual

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Common Solutions for Concerns

Before you call...

If you experience a concern with your refrigerator or notice a product behavior or
condition that you do not understand, you can usually avoid a call to your service
representative by referring to this section for an answer. Beginning with the following
table, this information includes concerns, potential causes, and common solutions.
Opening/Closing Of Doors/Drawers
Door(s) will not
Drawers are
difficult to move.
Refrigerator Operations
Compressor does
not run.
Refrigerator runs
too much or too
Digital temperature
displays are
Potential Cause
• Refrigerator is not level. It
rocks on the floor when
moved slightly.
• An object has fallen from
the baskets blocking the
door from closing.
• Food is touching shelf on
top of drawer.
• Drawer is overloaded.
Potential Cause
• Cooling system is turned
• Refrigerator is in defrost
• Plug at wall outlet is
• House fuse is blown or a
tripped circuit breaker.
• Power outage.
• Electronic control system
keeps the refrigerator at a
constant temperature.
• Room or outside weather
is hot.
• Refrigerator has recently
been disconnected for a
period of time.
• Doors are opened too
frequently or too long.
• Refrigerator/freezer door
may be slightly open.
• Freezer control is set too
• Fresh food/freezer gasket
is dirty, worn, cracked, or
poorly fitted.
• This model is provided with
a high-efficiency, variable-
speed compressor.
• Electronic control
system has detected a
performance problem.
Common Solution
• Ensure floor is level and solid,
and can adequately support the
refrigerator. Contact a carpenter to
correct a sagging or sloping floor.
• Check for ice or food items
blocking drawer.
• Keep less food in drawer.
• Remove or redistribute food.
Common Solution
• Turn cooling system On. See
Controls Section for location of
cooling system On/Off button.
• This is normal for a fully automatic defrost
refrigerator. The defrost cycle occurs
periodically, lasting about 30 minutes.
• Ensure plug is tightly pushed into
• Check/replace fuse with a 15 amp
time-delay fuse. Reset circuit breaker.
• Check house lights. Call local
Electric Company.
• This is normal. Refrigerator goes
on and off to keep temperature
• It's normal for the refrigerator to
work longer under these conditions.
• It takes 8-12 hours for the
refrigerator to cool down
• Warm air entering the refrigerator
causes it to run more. Open doors
less often.
• Ensure refrigerator is level. Keep food
and containers from blocking door.
• Set freezer control to warmer setting until
refrigerator temperature is satisfactory.
Allow 24 hours for temperature to stabilize.
• Clean or change gasket. Leaks in door
seal will cause refrigerator to run longer in
order to maintain desired temperatures.
• It is normal for the compressor to
run for long periods of time.
• Call your Electrolux service representative,
who can interpret any messages or number
codes flashing on the digital displays.

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Table of Contents

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