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Electrolux 240400112 Use & Care Manual

Top mount refrigerator


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P/N 240400112


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  • Page 1 P/N 240400112 (0409)
  • Page 2: Welcome & Congratulations

    Congratulations on your purchase of a new refrigerator! We here at Electrolux Home Products, Inc. are very proud of our product and we are completly committed to providing you with the best service possible. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority.
  • Page 3: Important Safety Instructions

    Children should NEVER use these items to play. Cartons covered with rugs, bedspreads, plastic sheets or stretch wrap may become airtight chambers, and can quickly cause suffocation. These Guidelines Must Be Followed To Ensure That Safety Mechanisms In This Refrigerator Will Operate Properly. ELECTRICAL INFORMATION •...
  • Page 4: Installation

    If possible, place the refrigerator out of direct sunlight and away from the range, dishwasher or other heat sources. • The refrigerator must be installed on a floor that is level and strong enough to support a fully loaded refrigerator. • Consider water supply availability for models equipped with an automatic ice maker.
  • Page 5 A water supply line made of ¼ inch (6.4 mm) OD, copper tubing. To determine the length of copper tubing needed, you will need to measure the distance from the ice maker inlet valve at the back of the refrigerator to your cold water pipe.
  • Page 6 12. Position refrigerator door onto bottom hinge pin and screw center hinge pin through center hinge into top of door. Close refrigerator door to help align hinge hole. 13. Tighten center hinge pin with adjustable wrench.
  • Page 7 Door Removal and Reversal Instructions NOTE: Some models have “pocket” handles, which are recessed into the sides of the door. On these models, only the hinges will need to be reversed. TO REMOVE FREEZER HANDLE: (Handles may be easier to reverse while doors are off.) 1.
  • Page 8 TRIM REMOVAL (FULL-LENGTH TRIM MODELS ONLY) In some models, the refrigerator door has a full length trim piece which continues from the bottom of the handle to the bottom of the door. The top of the trim attaches to the handle bracket (Figure 1) or fits around the base of the handle (Figure 2).
  • Page 9 TO REMOVE REFRIGERATOR HANDLE: (Handles may be easier to reverse while doors are off.) 1. Remove two screws attaching handle to top of refrigerator door. 2. Remove button plug using edge of putty knife. 3. Remove screw on side of refrigerator door and remove handle.
  • Page 10: Features At A Glance

    Ice Tray Ice Maker Ice Bucket Freezer Shelf Freezer Control Refrigerator Control Deli Drawer Cover Deli Drawer Half Shelf Wine Rack Full Shelf Special Item Rack Mid Level Light Crisper Cover Crisper Drawers Features may vary according to model Features At A Glance...
  • Page 11: Temperature Controls

    COOL DOWN PERIOD To ensure safe food storage, allow the refrigerator to operate with the doors closed for at least 8 to 12 hours before loading it with food. REFRIGERATOR & FREEZER CONTROLS NOTE: When changing control settings, wait 24 hours before making additional adjustments.
  • Page 12: Looking Inside

    Shelves may break suddenly if nicked, scratched, or exposed to sudden temperature change. SHELF ADJUSTMENT Refrigerator shelves are easily adjusted to suit individual needs. Before adjusting the shelves, remove all food. To adjust sliding shelves: Remove shelf by pulling forward to stop position.
  • Page 13: Door Storage

    12 ounce drink cans, a bottle of wine, a two-liter soft drink bottle, or a carton of eggs. The Special Item Rack mounts on the left side of your refrigerator. To install, just slide the Special Item Rack onto any shelf as shown in the drawing.
  • Page 14: Deli Drawer

    CRISPERS (SOME MODELS) The crispers, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf, are designed for storing fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce. Wash items in clear water and remove excess water before placing them in the crispers. Items with strong odors or high moisture content should be wrapped before storing.
  • Page 15: Ice Service

    • Occasionally shake the ice container to keep ice separated. • Keep the wire signal arm in its “up” or OFF position until the refrigerator is connected to the water supply or whenever the water supply is turned off. •...
  • Page 16: Food Storage & Energy Saving Ideas

    The fresh food compartment should be kept between 34° F and 40° F with an optimum temperature of 37° F. • Avoid overcrowding the refrigerator shelves. This reduces the circulation of air around the food and results in uneven cooling.
  • Page 17: Normal Operating Sounds & Sights

    Your new high-efficiency refrigerator may make unfamiliar sounds. These are all normal sounds and soon will become familiar to you. They also indicate your refrigerator is operating as designed. Hard surfaces, such as vinyl or wood floors, walls, and kitchen cabinets may make sounds more noticeable.
  • Page 18: Care & Cleaning Chart

    Keep your refrigerator and freezer clean to prevent odor build-up. Wipe up any spills immediately and clean both sections at least twice a year. Never use any type of scouring pads, brushes, abrasive cleaners or strong alkaline solutions on any surface.
  • Page 19: Vacation And Moving Tips

    4. Unscrew and replace old bulb with an appliance bulb of the same wattage. Replace light shield. 6. Remember to plug the refrigerator back in. • Leave refrigerator operating during vacations of 3 weeks or less. • Short Use all perishable items from refrigerator compartment. •...
  • Page 20: Warranty Information

    State of Alaska) In the U.S.A., your appliance is warranted by Electrolux Home Products , Inc. We authorize no person to change or add to any of our obligations under this warranty. Our obligations for service and parts under this warranty must be performed by us or an authorized Electrolux Home Products, Inc.
  • Page 21: Before You Call

    • The temperature control is turned to "O". • Refrigerator may be in defrost cycle. Wait 20 minutes and check again. • Set freezer control to a warmer setting until freezer temperature is satisfactory. Allow 24 hours for the temperature to stabilize.

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