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Installation; Door Opening - Electrolux 242232501 Use And Care Manual

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This Use & Care Guide provides general
installation and operating instructions
for your model. We recommend using a
service or kitchen contracting professional
to install your refrigerator. Use the
refrigerator only as instructed in this Use &
Care Guide. Before starting the refrigerator,
follow these important first steps.
Choose a place that is near a
grounded, non-GFCI, electrical outlet.
Do Not use an extension cord or an
adapter plug.
If possible, place the refrigerator out
of direct sunlight and away from the
range, dishwasher, or other heat
The refrigerator must be installed on
a floor that is level and strong enough
to support a fully loaded refrigerator.
Consider water supply availability for
models equipped with an automatic
ice maker.
DO NOT install the refrigerator where
the temperature will drop below 55°F
(13°C) or rise above 110°F (43°C).
The compressor will not be able to
maintain proper temperatures inside
the refrigerator.
DO NOT block the toe grille on
the lower front of your refrigerator.
Sufficient air circulation is essential
for the proper operation of your
Allow the following clearances for ease
of installation, proper air circulation, and
plumbing and electrical connections:
Sides & Top
4 inches (100 mm)
3 inches (75 mm)
It is necessary to have good ventilation
around the refrigerator to allow for the
dissipation of heat, high efficiency,
and low power consumption. For this
reason, sufficiently cleared space should
be available around the refrigerator. It
is advisable for there to be 3 inches
(75 mm) separating the back of the
refrigerator from the wall; at least 4
inches (100 mm) of space on its two
sides; a height of over 4 inches (100
mm) from its top and a clear space in
front to allow the doors to open 160°.

Door opening

Your refrigerator should be positioned
to allow easy access to a counter when
removing food. For best use of refrigerator
drawers and freezer baskets, the
refrigerator should be in a position where
both doors can be fully opened.
The appliance should be level in order to
eliminate vibration. To make the appliance
level, it should be upright and both
adjusters should be in stable contact
with the floor. You can also adjust the
level by unscrewing the appropriate level
adjustment in the front (use your fingers or
a suitable socket driver).

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Table of Contents

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