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How To Clear A Blockage; Troubleshooting - Electrolux Vac & Steam Owner's Manual

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How to clear a blockage

Slide dust cup latch left to 'unlock' and
remove dust cup (Fig. 1).
Use drinking straw or pipe cleaner to
check for debris blocking air path (Fig. 2).
Check for blockage air inlet holes on
bottom of floor nozzle (Fig. 3).


For your safety, turn Vac & Steam off and unplug power cord before attempting to resolve problems.
Vac & Steam will not start.
No suction on
vacuum function.
Vac & Steam will not
make steam.
Vac & Steam leaves
water on floor.
Vac & Steam leaves whitish
halo on vinyl floor.
3:08 PM
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Fig. 1
Possible cause
Power plug.
No water in tank.
Needs servicing.
Dust cup latch not sealed.
Air path clogged.
No water in tank.
Floor cleaning pad
too wet.
Vac & Steam left standing in
one spot too long.
You are using
'hard water.'
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Push plug securely into outlet, try another outlet, or
check circuit breaker.
Fill water tank. See page 4, Using your
Vac & Steam.
For service information in United States or Canada. toll
free: 1-800-896-9756.
Slide latch as far as possible to right, to 'lock' position.
Remove dust cup and check for debris blocking air path.
See page 6, How to clear a blockage.
Fill water tank. See page 4, Using your
Vac & Steam.
Change cleaning pad. If wood floor, dry the floor before
Remove halo with a few drops of vinegar
floor (Do not put vinegar in water tank).
Use distilled water instead of tap water.
applied to the


Table of Contents