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Top Rack Loading - Kenmore 665.7796 series Use & Care Manual

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Loading Recommendations
Place cups and glasses in the rows between tines. Placing them over the tines can lead to breakage and water spots. To avoid
damage to your delicate items, be sure china, crystal, stemware and other similar items do not touch during dishwasher operation.
Load lightweight and dishwasher-safe plastic items only in the top rack.
Deluxe Adjustable 2-position Rack
You can raise or lower the top rack to fit tall items in either the
top or bottom rack. Adjusters are located on each side of the top
rack. Raise the top rack to accommodate items up to 9" (22 cm)
in the top rack and 13" (33 cm) in the bottom rack, or lower the
top rack to accommodate items up to 11" (28 cm) in both the
top and bottom racks.
1. To raise, lift rack until both sides are at the same height and
2. To lower, depress both tabs on rack adjusters, as shown,
and lower.
Fold-down Tines
The row of tines on the left-hand and right-hand sides of the top
rack can be adjusted to make room for a variety of dishes.
1. To adjust, grasp the tip of the tine that is in the holder in the
front of the rack.
2. Gently push the tine out of the holder.
3. Lay the tines down, toward the center of the rack.

Top Rack Loading

10 place load
12 place load

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Table of Contents

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