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Kenmore 665.7796 series Use & Care Manual page 13

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Table of Contents
No-Flip Clips (on some models)
The no-flip clips hold in place lightweight items such as cups,
lids, or bowls during washing. The clip can be moved to another
tine by pulling up and off.
Cup Shelves
Fold down the extra shelf on either side of the top rack to hold
additional cups, stemware or long items such as utensils and
Removable Top Rack
The removable top rack allows you to wash larger items such as pots, roasters, and cookie sheets
in the bottom rack.
IMPORTANT: Remove dishes prior to removing the top rack from dishwasher.
To remove the top rack
1. Pull the rack forward slightly to access clips.
2. While pressing the ridges in, push back on the clip until the outer side releases. Slide the clip to
the inside of the track edge to remove the clip.
3. After removing both clips, pull rack out.
To replace the top rack
1. Place the rollers on each side of the rack into the rack tracks and push the rack back.
2. Align the open side of the clip with the inside edge of the rack track.
3. Push the ridges and slide the clip toward the outside rack edge until it locks into place.
4. Repeat on the other side.
5. Pull the rack out all of the way to ensure clips are fully seated.

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Table of Contents

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