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Resuming Playback - JVC XV-S60BK Instructions Manual

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Resuming playback

The unit can memorize the position on a disc where you interrupt playback, and resume playback from that position later.
To memorize the interrupted position
During playback
The unit memorizes the interrupted position.
If you interrupt playback by pressing
To resume playback
While the disc you interrupt playback last time is still in the disc tray
The unit starts playback from the position where you interrupted playback last time.
• To clear the resume position memory
Carry out one of the followings.
*Take out the disc from the tray.
while stopped.
*Turn on the unit by pressing DVD STANDBY/ON
The resume function does not work with Audio CD and MP3 discs.
In the case of a Video CD/SVCD disc with PBC function, the unit may resume playback from a point slightly earlier or later than
the resume point you stored.
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and then turn off the power, the memory is not cleared.
(on the remote control) or STANDBY/ON
Basic operations
(on the front panel).


Table of Contents

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