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Using The Remote Control Unit - JVC XV-S60BK Instructions Manual

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Getting started
To connect the power cord
When all the audio/video connections have been made, insert the smaller plug of the supplied AC power cord to the
AC IN connector, then insert the other end to the wall outlet. Make sure that plugs are inserted firmly. The
STANDBY indicator lights and setup is completed.
The unit automatically accommodates AC power between 1 10 V and 240 V . Y ou do not need any setting to match the unit with
your local power voltage.
Disconnect the power cord if you are not going to use the unit for a long time.
Disconnect the power cord before cleaning the unit.
Disconnect the power cord before moving the unit.
Do not connect or disconnect the power cord with wet hands.
Do not pull the power cord when disconnecting it, as this may damage the cord and cause fire, electric shock, or other
Do not damage, alter, twist, or pull the power cord, as this may cause fire, electric shock, or other accidents.
T o prevent any accidents or damages caused by an unsuitable AC power cord, only use the supplied power cord. If the
cord is damaged, contact a dealer and get the new power cord.
Do not put anything heavy, or the unit, on the power cord, as this may cause fire, electric shock, or other accidents.

Using the remote control unit

Using the remote control, you can operate not only all the functions of the unit but also basic functions of your TV.
To install batteries in the remote control unit
The battery compartment is located on the back of the remote control unit.

Press down on the point shown by the arrow at the top of the compartment cover,
and pull up the cover to open the compartment.
Place the two accessory R6P (SUM-3)/AA(15F) batteries in the remote control according
to the polarity markings (“+” and “–”) inside the compartment and on the batteries.
Place the cover over the compartment, and press down lightly.
The batteries will last about six months with normal use. If the functions of the remote control become erratic, replace
the batteries. See below for more information.
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