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Install Leveling Legs; Electrical Installation - U.s.a. Only - Whirlpool WED9290FC HybridCare Installation Instructions Manual

Heat pump dryer
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Install Leveling Legs

Prepare dryer for leveling legs
To avoid damaging floor, use a large flat piece of cardboard
from dryer carton; place under entire back edge of dryer.
Firmly grasp dryer body (not console panel) and gently lay
dryer down on cardboard.
NOTE: Residual water from factory testing may drain when
dryer is laying on its side.
Screw in leveling legs
Using a wrench and tape measure, screw leveling legs into
leg holes until bottom of foot is approximately 1/2" (13 mm)
from bottom of dryer.
Now stand the dryer on its feet. Slide the dryer until it is
close to its final location.
Electric Installation - U.S.A. Only
Before you start: disconnect power.
Choose electrical connection type
Power supply cord 4-wire receptacle
(NEMA Type 14-30R).
Go to "Power Supply Cord Connection."
Power supply cord 3-wire receptacle
(NEMA Type 10-30R).
Go to "Power Supply Cord Connection."
4-wire direct connection:
Go to "Direct Wire Connection."
3-wire direct connection:
Go to "Direct Wire Connection."
If local codes do not permit connection of a
cabinet-ground conductor to neutral wire, go to "Optional
External Ground 3-wire connection." This connection
may be used with either a power supply cord or a direct
wire connection.
Remove terminal block cover
Remove hold-down screw and terminal block cover.



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