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Tv Setup; Common Interface - Hitachi L26H01U Instructions For Use Manual

Digital lcd colour television
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TV Setup

To be able to go through TV functions, you can use
this item.
The digital TV Setup menu screen is accessed from
the main menu. Press the
main menu and use
Setup”, press the OK button to display TV Setup
menu screen.
79 6HWXS
Detailed information about Sound, Picture and Fea-
ture menus are in Analogue TV Menu System
section on page 21.

Common Interface

• Press the
button to display the Main Menu and
use the
Interface” line and press the OK button.
Downloaded From Manuals
button to display the
button to highlight “TV
button to highlight the “Common
It is required to subscribe to a pay channel company
to view the pay channels of the Digital Terrestrial broad-
Obtain the Conditional Access Module (CAM) and the
Viewing card by subscribing to a pay channel com-
pany, then insert those to the Television using the
following procedure.
1. Switch off the TV and unplug from the mains.
2. Insert the CAM, then Viewing Card to the slot that is
located in the terminal cover at the left-hand side
of the TV (from front view).
• The CAM should be correctly inserted, it is impos-
sible to insert fully if reversed. The CAM or the TV
terminal may be damaged if the CAM is forcefully
3. Connect the TV to the mains supply, switch on and
then wait for few moments until the card is acti-
• Some CAMs may require the following set up. Please
set the CAM by entering the IDTV menu, Common
Interface then pressing the OK button. (CAM set up
menu is not displayed when it is not required.)
• To see the viewing contract information:
Enter IDTV; press the
mon Interface and press the OK button.
• When no module is inserted, “No Common Inter-
face module detected” message appears on the
• Refer to the module instruction manual for details of
the settings.
- 20 -
button, then highlight Com-



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