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Everyday Operation; Information Banner; Electronic Programme Guide (Epg) - Hitachi L26H01U Instructions For Use Manual

Digital lcd colour television
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Everyday Operation

Pressing the
ing television programmes will switch the TV set be-
tween displaying the digital terrestrial television broad-
casting and its normal analogue broadcasting.

Information Banner

Whenever you change channel, using the P- / P+
button or the digit buttons, TV displays the channel
picture along with an information banner at the bottom
of the screen. This will remain on the screen for ap-
proximately three seconds. The information banner
can also be displayed at any time while watching TV
by pressing the
The information banner gives a number of facts on
the channel selected and the programmes on it. The
name of the channel is displayed, along with its chan-
nel list number and an indication of the strength of the
signal received on this tuning channel.
Not all channels broadcast the programme
data. If the name and times of the programmeis
not available then “No Information Available”
are displayed in the information banner.
Icons are also displayed in the information banner
and if this channel is a favourite channel:
Favourite channel icon
If the selected channel is locked, you must enter the
correct four digit code to view the channel.

Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

Some, but not all, channels send information about
the current and next events. Please note that event
information is updated automatically. If there is no event
information data available in channels, only channel
names with “No Information Available” banner is
• Press GUIDE button to view the EPG menu.
• In EPG Menu, you can easily see the extended help
information by pressing INFO button and by pressing
this button again you can close this window.
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button at any time while watch-
button on the remote control.
• In the EPG Menu all channels are displayed. Current
channel is highlighted. Use
channels. Also press RED or GREEN buttons to make
page up/down scroll for the channels.
• If you highlight an event, short event description,
extended event description, start and finish times of
event are displayed on the screen.
• When the current programme is highlighted, the box
is switched to the highlighted channel by pressing
the OK button.
• If you press the OK button when a next event is
highlighted, a reminder is set for the highlighted
programme and a clock appears across the high-
lighted channel line.
Programme reminders can be set to signal that a
programme is about to start when you are watching
another channel. If you set reminder to a programme,
then you will be asked for switching to that channel
when the reminder time is reached.
• Press the
button to view the 7 day EPG.
• Press
button to navigate in Channels or
• Press
button to navigate through the channel
and programme list.
• With RED/GREEN buttons you can change schedule
time. By pressing YELLOW/BLUE you can ad-
vance the schedule backward / forward of a day.
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buttons to change



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