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Basic Operations; Operation With The Buttons On The Tv; Volume Setting; Programme Selection - Hitachi L26H01U Instructions For Use Manual

Digital lcd colour television
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By pressing
to highlight Language item. Use
to set Language. Use
Language and set it by using
OK button to continue:
After APS is finalized, a programme list will appear on
the screen. In the programme list you will see the
programme numbers and names assigned to the
If you do not accept the locations and / or the
programme names of programmes, you can change
them in Install Menu. For details see Install Menu
To display channel list in IDTV, switch to the IDTV via
pressing the
ton to enter main menu, Channel List will be high-
lighted. Press the OK button to enter the menu.
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button, adjust the Country item and
buttons to select TXT
buttons. Press
button. Then press the

Basic Operations

You can operate your TV using both the remote
control and onset buttons.

Operation with the buttons on the TV

Volume Setting

• Press
button to increase volume, so a volume level scale
(slider) will be displayed at the middle of the bottom
on the screen.

Programme Selection

• Press P/CH +button to select the next programme or
P/CH - button to select the previous programme.

Entering Main Menu

• Press the MENU button to enter Main menu. In the
Main menu select sub-menu using P/CH - or P/CH +
buttons and enter the sub-menu using
+ buttons. To learn the usage of the menus,
refer to the Menu System sections.

AV Mode

Press the TV/AV button at the control panel on the the
TV to switch your TV to AV modes.

Operation with Remote Control

The remote control of your TV is designed to control
all the functions of the model you selected. The func-
tions will be described in accordance with the menu
system of your TV.
Functions of the menu system are described in the
following sections.
Volume Setting
button to decrease volume. A volume level scale
(slider) will be displayed in the middle at the bottom of
the screen.
Programme Selection (Previous or next
• Press P- button to select the previous programme.
• Press P+ button to select the next programme.

Programme Selection (direct access)

Press digit buttons on the remote control to select
programmes between 0 and 9. TV will switch to the
selected programme. To select programmes between
10 - 999 (for IDTV) or 10-99 (for analogue), press the
digit buttons consecutively which programme you
want to select (eg. for programme 27, first press 2
and then 7). When it is late to press second digit
button only the first digit programme will be displayed.
The limit of the delay time is 3 seconds.
Press directly the programme number to reselect single
digit programmes.
- 11 -
- button to decrease volume or
+ button to increase volume. Press
- or



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