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Displaying The Subtitles; Digital Teletext; Over Air Download; Widescreen - Hitachi L26H01U Instructions For Use Manual

Digital lcd colour television
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• If you press
help information easily. And by pressing
again you can exit Help menu.
• The starting time for EPG is the current time.You can
see the event information for the next two hours. By
previous hours while Programmes list is highlighted.
• lf you press the OK button when a next event is
highlighted, a reminder is set for the highlighted
programme and a clock appears on the screen.
Programme reminders can be set to signal that a
programme is about to start when you are watching
another channel. If you set reminder to a programme,
then you will be asked for switching to that channel
when the reminder time is reached.

Displaying The Subtitles

With Digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T), some
programmes are broadcast with subtitles. Subtitles
can be displayed when watching these programmes.
Press the
button to display the Main menu, high-
light the Configuration line using
andpress the OK button to display the Configuration
Highlight the “Subtitle” item in Configuration menu
and use
button to set Subtitle to off or a lan-
If “Subtitle” is on via selecting one language option,
pressing the
ing message display on the screen.
Downloaded From Manuals
button you can see the detailed
button, you can go to the next/
button causes the following warn-

Digital Teletext

With Digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T), in addi-
tion to pictures and sound, you can also watch digital
Digital teletext is sometimes broadcast at the same
time as normal broadcasting.
1. Press the
The digital teletext information appears.
2. Operate it with the coloured buttons,
buttons and OK button.
The operation method may differ depending on the
contents of the digital teletext.
Follow the instructions displayed
on digital teletext screen.
• When “Press SELECT” button or similar message
appears on the screen, press the OK button.
• When the
turns to television broadcasting.
• With Digital terrestrial broadcasting (DVB-T), in addi-
tion to digital teletext broadcasting at the same time
as normal broadcasting, there are also channels
with just digital teletext broadcasting.
• The aspect ratio when watching a channel with just
digital teletext broadcasting is the same as the as-
pect ratio of the picture watched previously.
• When you press the
digital teletext screen is displayed.

Over Air Download

To ensure that your IDTV always has the most up-to-
date information, please ensure that after use it is set
to its standby mode. At 3AM each day, the IDTV auto-
matically searches for any new information which
may be broadcast and will download this to your
IDTV automatically. This operation will normally take
approximately 30 seconds.
If you want to do this, you need to set Automatic
Download to “Enabled” in Receiver Upgrade set-
ting. For details see page 17.


Depending on the type of broadcast being transmitted,
programmes can be viewed in a number of formats.
Press the
Auto,16:9, 4:3, Panaromic, 14:9 Zoom, Cinema,
Subtitle or Zoom.
When Auto is selected, the format being displayed is
determined by the picture being broadcast.
Please Note: Menu size changes depending on the
chosen image size.
- 13 -
(Text) button is pressed, the TV re-
(Text) button again, the
button repeatedly to select between



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