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Pro Dictate 10
User manual


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  • Page 1 SpeechExec Pro Dictate 10 LFH4400 User manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    SpeechMike Configuration Wizard 21 mode) SpeechAir Configuration Wizard 22 Configure the download process 3 Get started from SpeechAir Install the software Use Philips SpeechLive Start SpeechExec dictation Configuring SpeechLive software Speech recognition functions Create a SpeechExec user Setting up speech...
  • Page 3: Important

    Safety 1 Important • Back up your files. Philips is not responsible for any loss of data. This manual covers the basic installation of the SpeechExec software and its Hearing protection related use with the SpeechMike, Pocket Memo and SpeechAir dictation hardware.
  • Page 4: Disposal Of Your Old Product

    You can also call 888-224-9764 or visit • For assistance, visit our website for battery drop- or call off locations. 1-800-243-3050 toll free. • For assistance, visit our website www. or call 1-800-243-7884 toll free. User manual...
  • Page 5: About This User Manual

    For recycling see the following chapters of this user information, please contact your local manual. Read the instructions carefully. waste management facilities or visit Symbols used • This appliance contains a rechargeable NiMH battery which must be disposed of properly.
  • Page 6: Your Speechexec Dictation Software

    2 Your SpeechExec dictation software Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the service that Philips offers, visit our website for support information, such as user manuals, software downloads, warranty information and more: Overview SpeechExec work list window The work list allows you to manage the dictation file list, define dictation properties and change various settings.
  • Page 7 Create a new email message with the selected dictation file attached Refresh the information displayed in the work list Start downloading from a connected Philips Pocket Memo recorder to a PC Send emails with dictations via a connected email system...
  • Page 8: Overview Speechexec Recorder And Player Window (expanded Mode)

    Recognition and adaptation queue panel displays information about dictation files submitted for offline speech recognition. For more information, see Using speech recognition. Device display: The device display appears when a Pocket Memo or a SpeechAir is connected. It allows users to display and play back dictation files stored on the Pocket Memo or SpeechAir, and to configure settings on the connected device.
  • Page 9 Control and positioning buttons: Mark the beginning of a section to be deleted Mark the end of a section to be deleted Remove the deletion marks Delete a marked section Undo the last deletion Switch between Insert, Overwrite and Append modes Position slider: Display file information, such as file length and the current position in the sound file during recording or playback.
  • Page 10: Get Started

    To manually start the program, open the recommend installing the latest Windows start menu in Windows and service pack available before select Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate. installing SpeechExec. • Administrator rights are required to Create a SpeechExec user profile install the software. For more help, When using SpeechExec for the first time, contact your administrator.
  • Page 11: Add Or Change A User Profile

    Add or change a user profile Restart the user wizard Go to Settings > General settings > If you want to reuse the user wizard, you Rules > Author profiles. can restart it anytime. Go to Settings > General settings > To add a user profile, click Add..., and Worklist >...
  • Page 12: Use Speechexec

    • How and which files are downloaded after a recorder is connected, can be configured in the Settings menu of SpeechExec or with the Configuration Philips hardware devices are designed for Wizard. For more information, see compatibility with SpeechExec and can Configure the download process from...
  • Page 13: Create A Recording With Speechmike

    To mark the recording as finished, press the button. • EOL/• • PRIO X The dictation file is moved to the • Click the button in the recorder Finished dictations folder. window to adjust the recording X The recorder window closes and volume.
  • Page 14: Create A Recording With Pocket Memo

    Create a recording with Pocket SpeechMike with slide switch (Forward, Memo Play, Stop, Rewind): Pocket Memo with slide switch (Rec, Start SpeechExec. Stop, Play, Rewind): Press the Record button on the SpeechMike. Start SpeechExec. X The device is in record standby mode.
  • Page 15: Play Back A Dictation File

    Pocket Memo with slide switch Play back a dictation file (Forward, Play, Stop, Rewind): Start SpeechExec. Various playback functions can be controlled by the SpeechMike, the Pocket In stop mode, press the function Memo or the toolbar buttons in the button on the right side of the recorder window or worklist window.
  • Page 16: Play Back In The Recorder Window

    Play back in the recorder SpeechMike or Pocket Memo with slide window switch (Rec, Stop, Play, Rewind): Open a recording by double-clicking Open a recording by double-clicking the dictation file in the work list. the dictation file in the work list. X The dictation file is opened in the X The dictation file is opened in the recorder window.
  • Page 17: Edit A Previously Recorded File

    Edit a previously recorded Finish, suspend or cancel file a recording Mark a recording as finished A previously recorded file can be edited if transcription has not begun. You can edit a file by inserting an additional recording • Press the button on the •...
  • Page 18: Record An Instruction

    Record an instruction Dictate the instruction. X The instruction will be recorded into the dictation file without Instructions are recorded comments by overwriting your dictation. the author that are directed to the person transcribing the dictation. SpeechExec When the spoken instruction is supports two types of instructions: complete, click the button again or...
  • Page 19: Record A Special Instruction

    Record a special instruction To delete the section, click the button in the recorder window. Click the button in the recorder To undo the deletion marks (the red window. frame), click the button. Dictate the special instruction. To undo the last deletion, click the X Special instructions are stored button.
  • Page 20: Use More Of Speechexec

    USB cable. menu. The left pane contains the list of the available settings. Start Philips SpeechExec software. Select an option in the list to display Click Settings > General settings on the menu bar and select DPM the associated options on the right Configuration >...
  • Page 21: Configure The Download Process From Pocket Memo

    Make sure that the Pocket Memo is computer. turned on and connect the device to the computer using the USB cable. Start Philips SpeechExec software. Click Settings > General settings Click Settings > General settings on on the menu bar and select DPM the menu bar and select SpeechMike Configuration >...
  • Page 22: Speechair Configuration Wizard

    SpeechAir Configuration Configure the download Wizard process from SpeechAir The SpeechAir Configuration Wizard How and which files are downloaded guides you through the device after a SpeechAir is connected, can be configurations and settings of a configured in the Settings menu. SpeechAir.
  • Page 23: Use Philips Speechlive

    Use Philips SpeechLive Speech recognition functions Philips SpeechLive is a cloud dictation solution that allows you to store, access and share dictation files from anywhere SpeechExec Pro handles the complete in the world and around the clock while dictation and transcription workflow guaranteeing maximum file security.
  • Page 24 • To enhance your user profile, train Note vocabulary from typical documents in General settings > Speech Recognition • For full performance of Dragon > Vocabulary > Learn from specific speech recognition, make sure that documents. not too many programs are running in the background simultaneously.
  • Page 25: Creating A Dragon User Profile

    Dragon setup window. Dragon in SpeechExec. Note When creating a new Dragon profile and using a Philips Pocket Memo recorder, • This feature is not available if the Use select Transcription source as your audio Dragon roaming option is enabled.
  • Page 26 Using speech recognition To mark the previous or the next word for editing or correcting, press the c or SpeechExec supports two types of b button on the SpeechMike briefly. speech recognition. Your words are Press the button • EOL/• • PRIO transcribed onto your screen as you repeatedly to mark one or more words dictate (online speech recognition) or...
  • Page 27 • Send for correction: The dictation X When the speech recognition file is moved to the Finished process is finished, the dictation dictations folder and the status file is moved to the Finished is set to Correction pending. A dictations folder and the status is set to Correction pending.
  • Page 28: Send Dictation Files Via Email

    Playback and correction of Send dictation files via transcribed recordings email Double-click a speech-recognizable dictation file in the work list. SpeechExec allows dictation files to X The dictation file is opened in the be transferred via email directly to the SpeechExec Speech Recognition transcriptionist or any other recipient.
  • Page 29: Manually Send Dictation Files Via Email

    Click the Add... button to add a new Enter recipients, body text and profile. Select a type of profile, enter a additional attachments. profile name and click OK. X The settings window for the If you have activated the QuickSend option, click Send to send the selected profile is displayed.
  • Page 30: Set Up Automatic Email Sending

    Set up automatic email sending For Pocket Memo: Click Settings > General settings on You can have dictation files automatically prepared for email sending when a the menu bar to open the Settings recording is finished or when files are menu downloaded from a Pocket Memo or a SpeechAir.
  • Page 31: Automatically Send Dictation Files

    For SpeechAir: Note Connect your SpeechAir to the • The Outbox folder is hidden by computer. default. To display the Outbox folder in the Folder tree, click Settings > Click Settings > General settings on General settings on the menu bar the menu bar to open the Settings and select Work list >...
  • Page 32: Trouble Shooting

    Find the most common problems you could encounter with your SpeechExec software in the following table. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information below, contact the supporting Philips partner you purchased the software from. Problem Possible cause Solution The operating system stops •...
  • Page 33 Problem Possible cause Solution • To display the Archive After finishing a dictation • Dictations finished in in the speech recognition the speech recognition folder in the folder tree, click Settings > General recorder, I don’t see my recorder, are saved in the Archive folder.
  • Page 34: Technical Data

    7 Technical data • Windows Media Player must be installed on a Windows operating system • A free USB port System requirements • CD-ROM drive required for installation SpeechExec: • Internet connection for required • Processor: software activation 1 GHz Intel dual core or equivalent AMD processor Additional system requirements for Dragon speech recognition:...
  • Page 35 Open source software This product may contain open source software. Speech Processing Solutions GmbH hereby offers to deliver, upon request, a copy of the complete corresponding source code for the copyrighted open source software packages used in this product for which such offer is requested by the respective licenses.
  • Page 36 Version 1.0 © 2017 Speech Processing Solutions GmbH. All rights reserved. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Philips and the Philips shield emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used by Speech Processing Solutions GmbH under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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