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Precautions For Installation; Before Installing And Securing Unit; When Securing The Unit; Connections - Pioneer NavGate HUD SPX-HUD01 Installation And Quick Start Manual

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Precautions for installation

! Secure the unit to sun visor with a fall pre-
vention belt.
Failure to do so may cause the unit to fall,
causing an accident and injury.
! When installing the unit to a vehicle
equipped with airbags, never install the unit
on the cover of an airbag or in a place where
it will interfere with the deployment of an air-
bag. Doing so may prevent the airbag from
deploying normally, or the deployed airbag
may hit the unit, causing an accident and in-
! Do not work in a place subject to direct sun-
light. Doing so may cause a burn injury.
Furthermore, there is a risk of blindness
caused by exposure to sunlight reflected
from the combiner. If the combiner is ex-
posed to direct sunlight, close the combiner.
! Do not leave the unit in a place subject to di-
rect sunlight.
Do not remove the combiner protection
sheet before the installation is completed.
The combiner may concentrate light into an
intense beam, causing smoke or fire.
! Never install the unit to a vehicle equipped
with a sunroof or to a convertible. Sunlight
may be reflected by the combiner and con-
centrated into an intense beam.
! Do not use the sun visor on the side window
with this unit mounted on it.
! When installing the unit to a vehicle
equipped with airbags, ask the vehicle manu-
facturer for precautions for the installation
work. There is a risk of incorrect deployment
of airbags, resulting in a fatal accident.
! A sun visor light and other optional accesso-
ries around the sun visor such as a card
holder and sun visor mirror may not be able
to be used after installing the unit. Check the
accessories in the vehicle beforehand.
! The installation of the unit may leave marks
on the surface of the sun visor.
! This unit is not supposed to be installed on
the passenger seat.
! Parts, dust, etc. may fall on you whilst you
are installing the unit. To prevent dust, etc.
from getting into an eye, do not look up at
the unit from directly below whilst installing
the unit.
! The diffuser and combiner of the unit are del-
icate parts. Do not touch them with bare
hands or cause a tool to come into contact
with them whilst installing the unit.
Before installing and
securing unit
First connect the unit temporarily to check that
the unit works normally, and then install the
unit. If the unit does not work normally, check if
the connection is correct.

When securing the unit

! Recommended tightening torque for secur-
ing the unit with screws is from 0.36 N•m to
0.59 N•m.
! Before applying the double-sided tape to the
connection box of the power cable, thor-
oughly wipe off any dirt from the surface to
which the double-sided tape is to be applied.
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Connection diagram

1 iPhone or Android device
2 USB cable
3 Power cable
4 To the power connector
5 LED indicator
6 Plug size switch
7 To the cigarette socket
For iPhone users
! Use the cable (2) supplied with the iPhone.
Do not leave the cable in the vehicle. The
cable supplied with the iPhone is not de-
signed for use in a vehicle.
For Android device users
! Use a USB-microUSB data communication
cable (2) of 1 m or less. A charge cable can-
not be used.



Table of Contents

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