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Kenmore 110.6813*410 Use & Care Manual page 9

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Table of Contents
Select the desired cycle
Steam model shown
Select the desired cycle for your load. See the "Cycle Guide"
for more information about each cycle.
Set cycle settings, if desired
You may adjust different settings, depending on whether you
have selected a Sensing Cycle, Timed Cycle, or Steam Refresh
Cycle. See the "Cycle Guide" for detailed information.
NOTE: Not all options and settings are available with all cycles.
Not all cycles are on all models.
Sensing Cycles:
You can select a different dryness level, depending on your
load, by touching DRY LEVEL to scroll to More, Normal, or
Less. Selecting More, Normal, or Less automatically adjusts the
dryness level at which the dryer will shut off. Dry Level can be
changed in the first 5-8 minutes of the cycle. Sensing cycles give
the best drying in the shortest time. Drying time varies based on
fabric type, load size, and dryness setting.
NOTE: More Dry removes more load moisture. Normal Dry is
used for a starting point for Sensing cycles. Choose normal to
save energy. Less Dry removes less moisture and used for loads
you may want to put on a hanger to complete drying.
Timed Cycles:
When you select a Timed Cycle, the default time appears in
the display. Touch "+" and "–" to increase or decrease the time
in 1-minute increments. Touch and hold to change the time in
5-minute increments. The default temperature may be changed
by touching Dry Temp until the desired dry temperature is lit.
Steam Refresh:
Reduces light wrinkles from loads left in the dryer too long.
Do not add dryer sheets.
Select any additional options
Add additional options such as Energy Saver or Damp Signal
by touching that option. If you will be unable to remove the
load promptly, select the Wrinkle Guard™ options before
touching START.
Wrinkle Guard™ or Wrinkle Guard™ w/Steam
option (depending on model)
When you are unable to remove a load of clothes from the
dryer as soon as it stops, wrinkles can form. The Wrinkle
Guard™ option periodically tumbles, rearranges, and fluffs the
load to help keep wrinkles from forming. The Wrinkle Guard™
w/Steam setting (depending on model) will add a short steam
cycle after 60 minutes to help smooth out wrinkles. Get up to
150 minutes of heat-free, periodic tumbling at the end of a
cycle. Touch the WRINKLE GUARD™ button to select ON or
OFF at any time before the cycle has ended.
When the Wrinkle Guard™ option is selected and the
Cycle Signal is on, the tone will sound at 15 minutes,
30 minutes, and at the end of Wrinkle Guard™.
If you open the dryer door prior to the end of the Wrinkle
Guard™ option, the dryer will go into Pause mode. You
will need to touch Power to turn off or touch Start/Pause to
continue Wrinkle Guard™ option.
Touch and hold START/PAUSE to
begin cycle
Touch and hold the START/PAUSE button to begin the cycle.
Promptly remove items after cycle has completed to reduce
wrinkling. Use the Wrinkle Guard™ option to avoid wrinkling
when you are unable to remove a load from the dryer as soon
as it stops.

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Table of Contents

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