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Cleaning And Maintenance - Black & Decker FP550 Instruction Manual

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When using the upper power outlet (FP600 only):
The processor bowl must be in place with the
lid locked while using the blender or the
grinding mill.
Processor bowl
The processor bowl can be used with the
following accessories:
Chopping blade
Grating/slicing discs
Whisk attachment
Mixing blade
Chopping (fig. L)
Use the metal chopping blade.
Set the speed to 5. For greater control, use the
pulse button.
You can chop up to 500 g of raw or cooked
meat, fish, vegetables, etc.
Blending (fig. L)
Use the metal chopping blade.
Select a speed between 3 and 5.
You can blend up to 1 litre of soup,
stewed fruit, etc.
Mixing/kneading (fig. L)
Use the plastic mixing blade.
Set the speed to 5.
You can mix up to 1 kg of pastry, dough,
cake mixture, batter, biscuit mix, etc.
Beating & whisking (fig. L)
Use the whisk attachment.
Select a speed between 1 and 5 depending on
the consistency of the food.
Never use the whisk attachment to knead
dough or to mix cake mixtures.
You can use the whisk attachment to prepare
up to 0.5 litres of mayonnaise, sauce, whipped
cream, etc.
Grating & slicing (fig. M)
Select the required slicing disc.
Fit the slicing disc into the disc holder.
Use the pusher to feed food into the feeder
Select a speed between 2 and 5 to start.
The slicing/grating discs can slice and grate
vegetables up to 500 g.
Citrus juicer
Cut the citrus fruit in half across the middle
(not end to end).
Place one half of a citrus fruit onto the cone.
Set the speed to 1 to start the machine.
You can press up to 1 litre of juice before emptying
the bowl.
Blender attachment (FP600 only)
Select a speed between 1 and 5 to start
blending. For greater control, use the pulse
During blending, ingredients can be added
using the slot in the lid stopper.
Never fill the blender jug with boiling liquid.
You can blend up to 1.2 litres of extra smooth
soup, sauce, cream, fruit purée, milkshake,
cocktail, or batter.
Grinding attachment (FP600 only)
Set the speed to 5 to start the appliance.
For greater control use the pulse button.
You can chop or grind up to 100 g of
Autoclean function
Pour warm, soapy water into the blender jug,
grinding mill or processor bowl.
Secure the lid and locate the jug, mill or bowl
onto the correct power outlet.
Press the Autoclean button several times.
Once the unit is clean, pour out the soapy
water and rinse thoroughly.


Before cleaning and maintenance, switch
the appliance off and remove the plug
from the socket.
Remove the bowl by turning it clockwise.
Wash and dry the accessories (they are all
dishwasher proof except for the whisk).


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