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Nautilus NE 1000 Owner's Manual

Nautilus elliptical trainer user manual.
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NE 1000/ 2000/ 3000
Owner's Manual
& Fitness Handbook


Table of Contents

   Summary of Contents for Nautilus NE 1000

  • Page 1 NE 1000/ 2000/ 3000 ELLIPTICAL TRAINERS Owner’s Manual & Fitness Handbook...
  • Page 2 NE 1000 NE 2000 NE 3000...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    CONGRATULATIONS! Thank you for making Nautilus a part of your exercise program. For many years to come, you will be able to rely on the quality of Nautilus craftsmanship and durability. We have included some general fitness guidelines for your use and hope you will find the infor- mation valuable in assisting you in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Page 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Flexibility ...11 Exercise and body composition ...11 A balanced workout ...12 Warm up ...12 Aerobic/strength exercise ...12 Cool down ...13 How to determine your maximum heart rate ...13 Target heart rate training zones ...13 Beating the dropout odds: Jump start your fitness program ...14 Summary of Surgeon General's Report on physical activity and health ...14 Make exercise a habit ...15...
  • Page 5: Operation & Set Up

    HOW TO USE YOUR NAUTILUS ELLIPTICAL TRAINER > Getting Started To get on your elliptical trainer, begin by having either the right or left foot pedal, whichever you plan on stepping up on, in its lowest position or six o’clock. This will prevent the foot pedal from moving while you are entering the machine.
  • Page 6: How To Use Your Ne 1000 Computer

    OPERATION OPERATING YOUR NE 1000 COMPUTER Your Nautilus NE 1000 computer allows for a great amount of workout variety and options while being a simple easy to operate design. The 1000 computer requires (4) AA batteries for operation. The resistance of the 1000 is controlled by the Tension Knob located on the Console Mast just below the computer.
  • Page 7: How To Use Your Ne 2000 Computer

    OPERATING YOUR NE 2000 COMPUTER For added workout variety, the on-board computer features a selection of pre-programmed workouts as well as a manual mode program. The manual mode program can be easily accessed pressing the “Enter/Quick Start” button. All other workout programs require you to input data.
  • Page 8: How To Use Your Ne 3000 Computer

    OPERATION OPERATING YOUR NE 3000 COMPUTER > Getting Started Your NE 3000 elliptical has an internal generator that provides electrical power to the computer display. This means your never need batteries or have to plug in your machine, simply pedal at 25 RPM or higher to activate the computer.
  • Page 9: Heart Rate Training

    > fig.5 > Heart Rate Monitoring All Nautilus ellipticals are equipped with touch heart rate. To use the touch heart rate feature simply place both hands on the metal handgrip sensors making sure both your palms are in contact on the front side and your fingers are in contact on the opposite side (Fig.
  • Page 10 OPERATION > Custom Programs NE 2000/ 3000 Your computer allows you to create and store your own programs you design. 1. To create a Custom Program, select Custom One or Custom Two from the Program Selection menu then press the RESET key. Use the + and – keys to change the course profile. Press ENTER to confirm each segment level.
  • Page 11: Maintenance

    (Fig.7) > Maintenance Your Nautilus elliptical requires very little routine maintenance. To ensure your machine’s performance for many years to come it is important to keep your machine clean of dirt and sweat. Use a damp cloth to wipe your machine and computer free of sweat.
  • Page 12: By Edmund R. Burke, Ph.d

    It's much more comfortable to hop on your Nautilus fitness equipment and exercise in the comfort and security of your air-conditioned room.
  • Page 13: Home Fitness Planning Worksheet

    GUIDELINES > Get off on the right foot and stay motivated. Realize that any new habit is difficult to establish at first, but it can be done. Follow these steps and you'll be on your way to establishing and using your home fitness center for improved health and fitness.
  • Page 14: Muscular Strength

    GUIDELINES STEPS TO GETTING STARTED > Muscular Strength The new guidelines have added resistance training since the ACSM recognizes the increasing importance of maintaining strength as a health benefit as we get older. The rationale for the addition of strength training to the guidelines is a result of a ten year follow-up study on master runners (along with other studies).
  • Page 15: Flexibility

    Keep in mind that the ACSM recommendations are guidelines for the average person, not a champion athlete training for the Olympic Games. An appropriate warm-up and cool-down, which would also include flexibility exercises, is also recommended. While many of you will need to train with more mileage and at a greater intensity to race competitively, the important factor to remember for most people is that if they follow the ACSM guidelines of physical activity they will attain increased physical and health benefits at the lowest risk.
  • Page 16: A Balanced Workout

    GUIDELINES IDENTIFYING YOU BALANCED FITNESS GOALS > Include an exercise program that provides as least 300 calories or more of activity per day. This is best accomplished with exercise of low intensity and long duration. Many pieces of home fitness equipment give estimates of calories burned while exercising.
  • Page 17: Cool Down

    In addition to aerobic exercise, the ACSM recommends that healthy adults perform a minimum of 8 to 10 strength exercises involving the major muscle groups a minimum of two times per week. At least one set of 8 to 12 repetitions to near-fatigue should be completed during each session. These recommendations are based on two factors: >...
  • Page 18: Beating The Dropout Odds: Jump Start Your Fitness Program

    GUIDELINES TABLE 1 EXERCISE GUIDELINES Varied training in all three of these zones will add to increased levels of fitness and improved performance and add more energy to your life. "Most training programs use a combination of train- ing intensities to increase performance capacity," according to J. T. Kearney, Ph.D., Senior Exercise Physiologist at the U.
  • Page 19: Make Exercise A Habit

    So if the Surgeon General's findings are not convincing evidence enough to keep most us exercising on a consistent basis, what is? Scientists are finding that the process of beginning, increasing and ultimately sticking to an exercise program is a combination of two elements: finding the right incentives and building a habit.
  • Page 20: It's Never Too Late For Fitness

    GUIDELINES 4. Develop a constructive attitude. Do not focus on what you are giving up to exercise on a regular basis, but on what new options you'll have after you become fit. 5. Engage your body and mind. Connect on a deeper level, you'll be more likely to stay with your routine.
  • Page 21: Warranty Information

    2. Nautilus will replace any equipment frame that is structurally defective with a new frame or replace the unit with a unit of equal value. Nautilus is not responsible for labor charges in replacing defective frames. 3. In the event a product cannot be repaired, Nautilus will apply a limited credit reimbursement toward another Nautilus exercise product of equal or greater value.
  • Page 24 The Nautilus Group 1886 Prairie Way Louisville, Colorado 80027 1.888.471.0014 Rev.A 2002 ©...

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