Installation Requirements; Tools And Parts; Location Requirements - KitchenAid 720-0733D Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Freestanding outdoor grill
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Available languages

Tools and Parts

Gather these required tools and parts before starting installation.
Read and follow the instructions provided with any tools listed
Read and follow the instructions provided with any tools listed
Tools needed
 Phillip screwdriver
 Wrench or pliers
 Pipe wrench
Parts Supplied
Gas pressure regulator/hose assembly set for 11" WCP
LP gas
Right side shelf with sear burner
Left side shelf
Searing side burner control knob
"AA" Battery (1)
Warming rack
Cooking grid
Searing side burner cooking grid
Natural gas orifice for searing side burner
Parts Needed
20 lb LP gas fuel tank-approximately 18" (45.7cm) height.
Parts Needed for Conversion to Natural Gas
 Natural gas conversion kit Part Number 710-0003. See
"Assistance" section to order. The conversion kit includes:
 Natural gas regulator 4" W.C. (marked "Natural Gas
 10 ft (3.0 m) Natural gas hose with quick connector
 5.9" (150 mm) Natural gas regulator hose
 6 mm nut driver
 6 mm wrench
 Hex key
 Gas line shutoff valve
 1/2" male pipe thread nipple for connection to pressure
 LP gas-resistant pipe-joint compound
 CSA design-certified outdoor flexible stainless steel
appliance connector (4-5 ft [1 2-1 5 m]) or rigid gas supply
appliance connector (4 5 ft [1.2 1.5 m]) or rigid gas supply
line as needed.


 Scissors or cutting pliers
(to remove tiedowns)
 Noncorrosive leak-
detection solution
detection solution

Location Requirements

Select a location that provides minimum exposure to wind and
traffic paths. The location should be away from strong draft
Do not obstruct flow of combustion and ventilation air.
Clearance to combustible construction for grill:
 A minimum of 24" (61 cm) must be maintained between
the front of the grill hood, sides and back of the grill
and any combustible construction.
 A 24" (61 cm) minimum clearance must also be
maintained below the cooking surface, and the grill
shall not be used under overhead combustible
Rotisserie (accessory)*
If you equip your grill with a rotisserie, a 6" (15.2 cm) minimum
clearance is needed for the rotisserie motor.
A grounded, 3-prong outlet located to the left of the grill is
*See "Assistance" section to order.

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