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KitchenAid 720-0733D Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual page 17

Freestanding outdoor grill


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Make sure that the cylinder valve connection device
properly mates with the connection device attached to
the inlet of the pressure regulator.
6. Open the tank valve fully by turning the valve
counterclockwise. Wait a few minutes for gas to move
through the gas line.
7. Before lighting the grill, test all connections by brushing
on an approved noncorrosive leak-detection solution.
Bubbles will show a leak.
8. If a leak is found, turn the tank valve off and do not use
the grill. Contact a qualified gas technician to make
9. Go to "Check and Adjust the Burners" section.
To Disconnect the 20 lb LP Gas Fuel Tank:
1. Check that the burner control knobs are in the "Off" position
and the grill is cool.
2. Check that the 20 lb LP gas fuel tank is in the "Off" position.
If not, turn the valve clockwise until it stops.
3. Using your hand, turn the gas pressure regulator/hose
assembly counterclockwise to disconnect to the 20 lb LP gas
fuel tank as shown
fuel tank as shown.
Hand loosen only. Use of a wrench could damage the quick
coupling nut.
A. Gas pressure regulator/hose assembly
B. 20 lb LP gas fuel tank
4 Place dust cap on cylinder valve outlet whenever the
4. Place dust cap on cylinder valve outlet whenever the
cylinder is not in use. Only install the type of dust cap on
the valve outlet that is provided with the cylinder valve.
Other types of caps or plugs may result in leakage of

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