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Makita BHR162 Instruction Manual

Cordless rotary hammer
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Cordless Rotary Hammer
IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.



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  Summary of Contents for Makita BHR162

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Cordless Rotary Hammer BHR162 007369 IMPORTANT: Read Before Using.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    ENGLISH (Original instructions) SPECIFICATIONS Model BHR162 Concrete 16 mm Capacities Steel 13 mm Wood 24 mm No load speed (min 0 - 1,500 Blows per minute 0 - 5,000 Overall length 296 mm Net weight 2.4 kg Rated voltage D.C. 14.4V •...
  • Page 3: General Power Tool Safety Warnings

    Do not use any Makita Corporation responsible adapter plugs with earthed (grounded) power manufacturer declare that the following Makita tools. Unmodified plugs and matching outlets will machine(s): reduce risk of electric shock. Designation of Machine:...
  • Page 4: Cordless Rotary Hammer Safety Warnings

    away from moving parts. Loose clothes, terminal another. Shorting the battery jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving terminals together may cause burns or a fire. parts. 27. Under abusive conditions, liquid may be 16. If devices are provided for the connection of ejected from the battery;...
  • Page 5: Functional Description

    exceed 50 ゚ C (122 ゚ F). Do not leave the tool running. Operate the tool only when hand-held. Do not incinerate the battery cartridge even if 12. Do not point the tool at any one in the area it is severely damaged or is completely worn when operating.
  • Page 6 Do not use force when inserting the battery • Reversing switch action cartridge. If the cartridge does not slide in easily, it is not being inserted correctly. 1. Reversing switch lever Switch action 1. Switch trigger 2. Lamp 007376 This tool has a reversing switch to change the direction of rotation.
  • Page 7: Torque Limiter

    knob to the symbol. Use a twist drill bit or wood bit. 1. Bit shank 2. Bit grease CAUTION: Do not rotate the action mode changing knob when • the tool is running. The tool will be damaged. To avoid rapid wear on the mode change •...
  • Page 8: Operation

    rods embedded in the concrete. Always use the NOTE: side grip (auxiliary handle) and firmly hold the tool The depth gauge cannot be used at the position • by both side grip and switch handle during where the depth gauge strikes against the gear operations.
  • Page 9: Maintenance

    Replacing carbon brushes attachment for its stated purpose. If you need any assistance for more details regarding 1. Limit mark these accessories, ask your local Makita Service Center. SDS-Plus Carbide-tipped bits • Drill chuck assembly • Drill chuck S13 •...
  • Page 12 Makita Corporation Anjo, Aichi, Japan 884678A221...