Maintenance; Battery Check And Recharge - Electrolux AR 4090 Operating Instructions Manual

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Warning: the machine must be switched Off and
the battery unplugged.
Make a peridical check of the level of the
electrolyte inside the battery. The battery
compartment is under the operator seat; lift the
lid of the battery compartment and open the caps
of all the battery cells: when necessary fill up the
cells using distilled water; in fact the solution of
water and sulphuric acid must be used only
during the first battery activation (filling the new
dry charged battery: see the paragraph relevant
to the preparation of a new machine).
The right electrolyte level is shown in the figure.
Take special care: the battery acid is
corrosive; if it should come in contact with
the skin or eyes wash aboundantly with water
and consult a doctor.
After refilling close the battery caps and clean
the top of the battery from any acid remains.
When necessary proceed with a recharge of the
battery according to the following instructions:
- the recharge must be done in a well ventilated
- turn Off the machine by means of the master
key switch
- open the battery compartment and disconnect
the battery connector from the machine; open
all the battery cell caps
- connect the battery connector to the battery
- connect the battery charger to the mains: check
that the mains voltage and frequency be
identical to the corresponding values
applicable for the charger.


Table of Contents

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