Automatic Use - Electrolux AR 4090 Operating Instructions Manual

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To display the current brush pressure value the
button shown in the figure must be pressed (i.e.:
when you read P 40 it means that the brush
pressure is 40% of the maximum possible value)
To access the hour meter function press again
the button shown in the figure: the display will
show the number of machine service hours.
Press the button the third time to display the
number of machine service minutes. Pressing
the button again or waiting ten seconds the
reading on the display will return to the battery
voltage level.


Four different automatic working programs are
available named P1, P2, P3 and P4.
The working parameters of every program are
pre-set by the manufacturer of the machine.
It is possible - if necessary - to modify the values
of such parameters (see the paragraph USE OF
THE PROGRAMMER or ask for after sales
service assistance).
The use of the four automatic working programs
does not require the connection of the removable
programmer in the relevant connector.
Choose the best automatic program for the
specific application pressing one of the four
buttons (the functions performed by eachone of
the four automatic programs are described
below): the corresponding indicator and all the
activated functions will turn On.
Note: in order to enable the selection of a
different automatic program it is
necessary, first, to de-select the
previously chosen program.


Table of Contents

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