Manual Use - Electrolux AR 4090 Operating Instructions Manual

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Plugging the removable programmer in the
connector on the control panel you have the
possibility to set manually the values of the
working parameter whenever you want.
Warning: the manual programmer must be
plugged in/removed only when the
machine is in the Off condition.
To work in "Manual Mode" the selection of an automatic working program (P1, P2, P3, P4) is not
required: in fact it is possible to choose the wanted value of the working parameters by means of
the buttons on the removable programmer. Nevertheless any manual action/setting will be
allowed even when an automatic program has been selected: using anyone of the programmer
buttons (the only exceptions being the P button, nr 20 in the picture) it is possible to modify one
of/all the working parameters - e.g. machine speed, water flow, brush pressure etc. - at any time;
this will not affect the automatic programs originally set in the memory of the machine.
As per the automatic use, also in the manual use the solution flow to the brushes will be enabled
only when he traction and the brush motors will be started.
The buttons available on the removable programmer will
allow - at any time - :
- to select the forward speed by means of button "SPEED"
(10); indicator nr 1 correspond to the lowest speed
- to enable the electrovalves for the solution flow (from 1 to 4)
by means of button "+/-"(14); the number of the
electrovalves opened will be shown by indicators 17
- to enable the operation of the pump for thecleaning solution
by means of button 15
- to enable the operation of the suction motor by means of
button 18
- to enable the operation of the brush motors by means of
button 19
- to modify the brush pressure to the floor according to the
following procedure:
- press one time button A - for the data selection on the
- to see the presently set value of the brush pressure.
- press buttons 12 or 13 on the programmer to modify, if
necessary, the value of the brush pressure.
Note: the value on the display correspond to the
percentage of the maximum possible
When any one of the buttons is pressed either on
the programmer or on the control panel an
acoustic signal will be heared.
For the use of the ECO button see next


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