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Electrolux W 345 B/M Manual For Use And Maintenance


Località Novella Terza 20070 Guardamiglio-Italy
Telephon nr. +39 377 451124 Fax nr. +39 377 51443
W 345 B/M
W 355 B/M
W 365 B
W 375 B




Summary of Contents for Electrolux W 345 B/M

  • Page 1: And Maintenance

    W 345 B/M W 355 B/M W 365 B W 375 B MANUAL FOR USE ELECTROLUX EUROCLEAN ITALIA SPA Località Novella Terza 20070 Guardamiglio-Italy AND MAINTENANCE Telephon nr. +39 377 451124 Fax nr. +39 377 51443...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    INDEX NOTE pag. INTRODUCTION..............1 UNPACKING ..............2 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION ..........3 MACHINE CONTROLS ............4 PREPARATION FOR USE ...........5-9 SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION ......10-15 CHANGING BRUSHES ..........16-17 MAINTENANCE ............18-19 SAFETY AND FAULTS............20 TROUBLE SHOOTING ............21 OPTIONALS..............22-24...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    - The machine does not cause any harmful vibrations. MODIFICATIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS Electrolux Euroclean aim toward continuous improvement of its machines and reserves the right to carry out modifications and improvements whenever necessary without being obliged to update machines which have been sold previously.
  • Page 4: Unpacking

    UNPACKING OPTIONALS Check that you have received following parts Kit of cable to transform machine from mains together with the machine: version to battery operated version. Mains unit (or transformer) to change the machine from the battery operated version to the mains 1 - Connecting hose for squeegee version.
  • Page 5: Technical Specification

    OPTIONALS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION In addition to the normal accessories supplied with the machine the following optionals are available: Batteries: - For models 345/355 two 12 V batteries 140 amp hours. - For models 365/375 four 6V batteries 240 amp hours. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Battery chargers: MODELS...
  • Page 6: Machine Controls

    MACHINE CONTROLS TROUBLE SHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CHECK No power. Nothing works. Is the battery plugged in. Is the mains lead plugged in and switched on. Is the mains socket live. Is the tank empty. No liquid supply to the Fill the tank.
  • Page 7: Preparation For Use

    SAFETY AND FAULTS PREPARATION FOR USE Partially unscrew the two middle levers on the squeegee. Push the squeegee into the locating Keyswitch/accelerator sequence: lugs as illustrated and fully tighten the levers. This safety feature prevents the machine from (pull the lever up to disingage it and make its moving if the machine is accidentally switched on rotation free).
  • Page 8 PREPARATION FOR USE MAINTENANCE For models working with batteries follow The three solenoid valve bodies may be removed instructions below, whereas in the case of mains by turning them through 45 degrees and lifting operated models the transformer has already them away to reveal the plunger and seating of been placed inside the machine and needs no each valve.
  • Page 9 MAINTENANCE PREPARATION FOR USE BEFORE ANY MAINTENANCE IS CARRIED The machine may now be run for trial purposes 345-355 OUT THE BATTERY MUST BE UNPLUGGED but before putting it into service the batteries OR THE MAINS LEAD UNPLUGGED. should be charged to bring them up to their maximum capacity.
  • Page 10 PREPARATION FOR USE CHANGING BRUSHES Drop the brushes (one or two depending on the Position the new brushes roughly side by side on model) roughly side by side in front of the the floor in front of the machine. machine, the actual position does not matter. Switch the machine on by turning the key in the key-switch a quarter turn clockwise.
  • Page 11: Preparation For Use

    CHANGING BRUSHES PREPARATION FOR USE To replace brushes carry out the following Lower the brush unit by pushing the pedal to the sequence of operations: right to unlatch it. Then allow it to rise as far as it will go. Push the machine forward then back The machine should be switched on but all about 50mm (2”) to ensure the drive has located functions switched off.
  • Page 12: Scrubbing And Drying Operation

    SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION Open the tank lid. Unclip the recovery tank emptying hose and remove the drain plug whilst holding the pipe at its highest extent, then lower it carefully into a gully or drain. Note: It is against Water Regulations to discharge detergents into a surface drain, only use a foul...
  • Page 13 SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION Push the machine slowly forward, and adjust the Press the brush “on/off” push button: the indicator squeegee pressure control until the lips bend over will light and the brush motors will start. evenly as illustrated below.
  • Page 14 SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION SCRUBBING AND DRYING OPERATION When the machine is ready for scrubbing select Press the suction on/off push button. the estimated amount of clean liquid required by Start the brushes rotating, move the machine pressing the detergent flow control on/off push slowly forward, then immediately lower the button;...

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