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Junction Box Wiring - KitchenAid KECC508MBL Technical Education

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Electrical Shock Hazard
Turn power supply off before
connecting wires.
Use 8-gauge solid copper wire.
Electrically ground cooktop.
Failure to follow these instructions can
result in death, fire, or electrical shock.
This cooktop must be connected to a
grounded, metallic permanent wiring sys-
tem or a ground connector should be con-
nected to the ground terminal or wire lead
on the cooktop.
This cooktop is manufactured with a frame
connected, green or bare ground wire. Con-
nect the cooktop cable to the junction box
through the U.L.- or CSA-listed conduit con-
nector. Complete electrical connection accord-
ing to local codes and ordinances.


For all cooktop models with three-wire
cable from the cooktop:
3-Wire Ungrounded Neutral
Where local codes DO NOT permit connect-
ing the frame-ground conductor to the neu-
tral (white) junction box wire (used for Ca-
nadian installations).
1. Disconnect power supply.
2. Connect the flexible, armored cable from
the cooktop to the junction box using a U.L.-
or CSA-listed conduit connector. Tighten
the screws on the conduit connector.
3. Connect the two black wires together; then
connect the two red wires together using a
twist-on connector.
4. Connect the green or bare ground wire from
the cooktop cable to the grounded wire in
the junction box, or other grounded con-
nector using a twist-on connector.
5. Install a twist-on connector on the end of
the single white wire. DO NOT connect the
bare ground wire to the neutral (white)
wire in the junction box.



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