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Service Modes, Error Codes, And Fault Finding - Philips 40PFL8008K/12 Service Manual

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Table of Contents
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5. Service Modes, Error Codes, and Fault Finding

Index of this chapter:
5.1 Test Points
5.2 Service Modes
5.3 Start-up
5.4 Service Tools
5.5 Error Codes
5.6 The Blinking LED Procedure
5.7 Protections
5.8 Fault Finding and Repair Tips
5.9 Software Upgrading
Test Points
As most signals are digital, it will be difficult to measure
waveforms with a standard oscilloscope. However, several key
ICs are capable of generating test patterns, which can be
controlled via ComPair. In this way it is possible to determine
which part is defective.
Perform measurements under the following conditions:
Service Default Mode.
Video: Colour bar signal.
Audio: 3 kHz left, 1 kHz right.
Service Modes
Service Default mode (SDM) and Service Alignment Mode
(SAM) offers several features for the service technician, while
the Customer Service Mode (CSM) is used for communication
between the call centre and the customer.
Note: For the new model range, a new remote control (RC) is
used with some renamed buttons. This has an impact on the
activation of the Service modes. For instance the old "MENU"
button is now called "HOME" (or is indicated by a "house" icon).
Service Default Mode (SDM)
To create a pre-defined setting, to get the same
measurement results as given in this manual.
To override SW protections detected by the standby
processor and make the TV start up to the step just before
protection. See section
To start the blinking LED procedure where only LAYER 2
errors are displayed. (see also section
Table 5-1 SDM default settings
Europe, AP(PAL/Multi)
Europe, AP DVB-T
All picture settings at 50% (brightness, colour, contrast).
Sound volume at 25%.
How to Activate SDM
For this chassis there are two kinds of SDM: an analogue SDM
and a digital SDM. Tuning will happen according
Analogue SDM: use the RC-transmitter and key in the
code "062596", directly followed by the "MENU" (or
"HOME") button.
Note: It is possible that, together with the SDM, the main
menu will appear. To switch the main menu "off", push the
"MENU" (or "HOME") button again.
Analogue SDM can also be activated by grounding the
solder path on the SSB, with the indication "SDM" (see
Service mode
Service Modes, Error Codes, and Fault Finding
"5.5 Error
Freq. (MHz)
Default system
546.00 PID Video: 0B
06 PID PCR: 0B 06 PID
Audio: 0B 07
Digital SDM: use the RC-transmitter and key in the code
"062593", directly followed by the "MENU" (or "HOME")
Note: It is possible that, together with the SDM, the main
menu will appear. To switch it "off", push the "MENU" (or
"HOME") button again.
After activating this mode, "SDM" will appear in the upper right
corner of the screen (when a picture is available).
How to Exit SDM
Use one of the following methods:
Switch the set to STANDBY via the RC-transmitter.
Via a standard customer RC-transmitter: key in "00"-
Service Alignment Mode (SAM)
To perform (software) alignments.
To change option settings.
To easily identify the used software version.
To view operation hours.
To display (or clear) the error code buffer.
How to Activate SAM
Via a standard RC transmitter: Key in the code "062596"
directly followed by the "INFO" or "OK" button. After activating
SAM with this method a service warning will appear on the
screen, continue by pressing the "OK" button on the RC.
Contents of SAM
Hardware Info.
A. SW Version. Displays the software version of the
main software (example: QF2XX_1.2.3.4 =
B. Standby processor version. Displays the software
version of the standby processor.
C. Production Code. Displays the production code of
the TV, this is the serial number as printed on the back
of the TV set. Note that if an NVM is replaced or is
initialized after corruption, this production code has to
back to
div. table
Figure 5-1 Service mode pad
AAA= the chassis name.
BB= Product ID.
X.Y.W.Z= the software version, where X is the
main version number (different numbers are not
compatible with one another) and Y.W.Z is the sub
version number (a higher number is always
compatible with a lower number).


Table of Contents

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