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Software Upgrading; Ssb Start-up - Philips 40PFL8008K/12 Service Manual

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Software Upgrading

Always check for the latest software version on the service
website in relation to the correct CTN!!!
The set software and security keys are stored in a NAND-
Flash, which is connected to the Fusion processor.
It is possible for the user to upgrade the main software via the
USB port. This allows replacement of a software image in a
stand alone set, without the need of an E-JTAG debugger. A
description on how to upgrade the main software can be found
in the electronic User Manual.
Important: When the NAND-Flash must be replaced, a new
SSB must be ordered, due to the presence of the security keys!
(CI +, MAC address, ...).
Perform the following actions after SSB replacement:
1. Set the correct option numbers (see rearcover sticker).
2. Update the TV software => see the eUM (electronic User
Manual) for instructions.
3. Perform the alignments as described in chapter 6 (section
6.5 Reset of Repaired
4. Check in CSM if Set type, MAC address are valid.
For the correct order number of a new SSB, always refer to the
Spare Parts list!
Main Software Upgrade
The "UpgradeAll.upg" file is only used in the factory.
Service Modes, Error Codes, and Fault Finding
Figure 5-13 SSB start-up
Automatic Software Upgrade
In "normal" conditions, so when there is no major problem with
the TV, the main software and the default software upgrade
application can be upgraded with the "AUTORUN.UPG" (part
of the one-zip file: e.g. This can also be
done by the consumers themselves, but they will have to get
their software from the commercial Philips website or via the
Software Update Assistant in the user menu (see eUM). The
"autorun.upg" file must be placed in the root of the USB stick.
How to upgrade:
1. Copy "AUTORUN.UPG" to the root of the USB stick.
2. Insert USB stick in the set while the set is operational. The
set will restart and the upgrading will start automatically. As
soon as the programming is finished, a message is shown
to remove the USB stick and restart the set.
Manual Software Upgrade
In case that the software upgrade application does not start
automatically, it can also be started manually.
How to start the software upgrade application manually:
1. Disconnect the TV from the Mains/AC Power.
2. Press the "OK" button on a Philips TV remote control or a
Philips DVD RC-6 remote control (attention : not supported
by use of RF4CE remote due to the fact this application is
not running yet at the time of the "OK" request). Keep the
"OK" button pressed while reconnecting the TV to the
Mains/AC Power.
3. The software upgrade application will start.
In case the download application has been started manually,
the "autorun.upg" will maybe not be recognized.
What to do in this case:
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