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Error Codes - Philips 40PFL8008K/12 Service Manual

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Service Tools
The ComPair Tool is no longer supported.

Error Codes

The error code buffer contains all detected errors since the last
time the buffer was erased. The buffer is written from left to
right, new errors are logged at the left side, and all other errors
shift one position to the right.
When an error occurs, it is added to the list of errors, provided
the list is not full. When an error occurs and the error buffer is
full, then the new error is not added, and the error buffer stays
intact (history is maintained).
To prevent that an occasional error stays in the list forever, the
error is removed from the list after more than 50 hrs. of
When multiple errors occur (errors occurred within a short time
span), there is a high probability that there is some relation
between them.
If no errors are there, the LED should not blink at all in
CSM or SDM. No spacer must be displayed as well.
There is a simple blinking LED procedure for board
level repair (home repair) so called LAYER 1 errors
next to the existing errors which are LAYER 2 errors (see
LAYER 1 errors are one digit errors.
LAYER 2 errors are 2 digit errors.
In protection mode.
From consumer mode: LAYER 1.
From SDM mode: LAYER 2.
Fatal errors, if I2C bus is blocked and the set reboots,
CSM and SAM are not selectable.
From consumer mode: LAYER 1.
From SDM mode: LAYER 2.
In CSM mode.
When entering CSM: error(s) LAYER 1 will be
displayed via blinking LED.(attention: any new remote
control press will disable the error blinking LED
sequence, recovery by exit and invoke CSM again for
re-enabling the error blinking).
In SDM mode.
When SDM is entered via Remote Control code or the
hardware pins, LAYER 2 is displayed via blinking LED.
Error display on screen.
In CSM no error codes are displayed on screen.
In SAM the complete error list is shown.
Basically there are three kinds of errors:
Errors detected by the Standby software which lead to
protection. These errors will always lead to protection and
an automatic start of the blinking LED LAYER 1 error.
(see section
"5.6 The Blinking LED
Errors detected by the Standby software which not
lead to protection. In this case the front LED should blink
the involved error. See also section
Buffer". Note that it can take up several minutes
before the TV starts blinking the error (e.g. LAYER 1
error = 2, LAYER 2 error = 15 or 53).
Errors detected by main software (MIPS). In this case
the error will be logged into the error buffer and can be read
out via ComPair, via blinking LED method LAYER 1-2
error, or in case picture is visible, via SAM.
How to Read the Error Buffer
Use one of the following methods:
Service Modes, Error Codes, and Fault Finding
"5.5 Error
On screen via the SAM (only when a picture is visible).
00 00 00 00 00: No errors detected
23 00 00 00 00: Error code 23 is the last and only
detected error.
37 23 00 00 00: Error code 23 was first detected and
error code 37 is the last detected error.
Note that no protection errors can be logged in the
error buffer.
Via the blinking LED procedure. See section
Clear the Error
Via ComPair.
How to Clear the Error Buffer
Use one of the following methods:
By activation of the "RESET ERROR BUFFER" command
in the SAM menu.
If the content of the error buffer has not changed for 50+
hours, it resets automatically.
Error Buffer
In case of non-intermittent faults, clear the error buffer before
starting to repair (before clearing the buffer, write down the
content, as this history can give significant information). This to
ensure that old error codes are no longer present.
If possible, check the entire contents of the error buffer. In
some situations, an error code is only the result of another error
code and not the actual cause.(e.g. a fault in the protection
detection circuitry can also lead to a protection)
There are several mechanisms of error detection:
Via error bits in the status registers of ICs.
Via polling on I/O pins going to the standby processor.
Via sensing of analog values on the standby processor or
the Mips.
Via a "not acknowledge" of an I
Take notice that some errors need several minutes before they
start blinking or before they will be logged. So in case of
problems wait 2 minutes from start-up onwards, and then
check if the front LED is blinking or if an error is logged.
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