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EN 32
When CSM is activated and there is a USB stick connected to
the TV, the software will dump the complete CSM content to the
USB stick. The file (Csm.xml) will be saved in the root of the
USB stick. If this mechanism works it can be concluded that a
large part of the operating system is already working (MIPS,
Power conversion and distribution.
Input power for the TV platform comes from the main power
supply that delivers +3V5-STANDBY (pin 9 of connector 1M90)
and +12V (pins 11,12 and 25,26 of the same connector). +3V5-
STANDBY (3.5V nominal) is the permanent voltage while +12V
is started by the STANDBY signal (connector 1M90, pin 10)
when going from high to low. +12V is split in few branches via
fuses 1UA0 (+12Va), 1UA1 (+12Vb) and 1UP1(+12-DVBS):
+12Va serves as input voltage for the switching voltage
regulators that deliver +1V1-FD and +1V5.
+12Vb is used as input voltage for the switching voltage
regulators that deliver +3V3 and +5V.
+12V-DVBS (if DVB-S functionality is present) goes to 12V
and +V-LNB switching regulators.
The on board power supply consists of 4 switching voltage
regulators (5 in case of DVB-S version), 8 linear voltage
regulators (9 in case of DVB-S version) and an over-current
protection circuit for 12V (AMBI-POWER) ambilight boards.
All switching voltage regulators have 12V input voltage and
+1V1-FD Fusion main core supply voltage (0.95V...1.2V -
depending on DVS1 signal), stabilized close to the point of
load by means of SENSE+1V1-FD signal.
+1V5 supply voltage (1.53V nominal), for the DDR3
memories and DDR3 interface of the Fusion chip and +1V5
to +1V2-MIPS and +1V5 to +1V2-FE linear voltage
+3V3 supply voltage (3.32V nominal): overall 3.3V for on
board IC's and external ambientlight panels, also used as
input voltage for linear voltage regulators delivering +1V1-
FA, +1V2-FA and +2V5.
+5V (5.15V nominal) for USB ports, Conditional Access
Module and via linear voltage regulators, the DVB-T and
DVB-S tuner supplies.
+V-LNB (13V or 18V) supply for outdoor satellite reception
The linear voltage regulators are providing:
+1V1-FA supply voltage (1.10V nominal, from +3V3) for
low power analog (PLL) blocks inside Fusion chip.
+1V2-MIPS supply voltage (1.05...1.3V depending on
DVS2 signal, input voltage: +1V5) for Fusion auxiliary core.
+1V2-FE supply voltage (1.20V nominal, from +1V5) for (if
present) DVB-T2 and DVB-S2 demodulator IC devices.
+1V2-FA supply voltage (1.20V nominal, from +3V3) for
higher power analog Fusion internal blocks (mainly video
+2V5 supply voltage (2.5V nominal, from +3V3) for LVDS
or Vx1 interface and various other internal blocks of
+3V3 supply voltages (3.3V nominal, from +5V) for RF
tuners, separate linear regulator per tuner.
+3V3-STANDBY supply voltage(3.3V nominal, from +3V5-
STANDBY) for Fusion standby controller and IR/RF
remote-control receivers.
+3V3-LAN supply voltage (3.37V nominal, from +3V5-
STANDBY) for WiFi module and LAN interface of Fusion,
this supply voltage is present when ENABLE-WOLAN is
Service Modes, Error Codes, and Fault Finding
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div. table
Start-up of switching converters is triggered by DETECT12V
signal that becomes high when +12V rises above 10V and
stays above 9V (1V hysteresis).DETECT12V is used as enable
signal by the +12V to +5V switching converter;+12V to +1V1-
FD and +12V to +1V5(and +1V2-MIPS) will start at the same
time with +5V due to ENABLE+1V5+1V1 that is set high by
DETECT12V signal.Tuners are supplied from their respective
linear voltage regulators when +5V starts.The rest of the supply
voltages (+3V3, +2V5, +1V2-FA, +1V2-FE and +1V1-FA) are
switched on a few milliseconds later by signal ENABLE+3V3.
In case of TV sets having ambilight consumption from +12V
higher than 1A, the electronic protection circuit (7UAC or 7UAD
and surrounding components) is used instead of fuse 1UA2.
AMBI-POWER should be available shortly (100 ms) after +12V
starts if there is no load on it. The over-current trigger level is
around 4.1A for 7UAC and 3.5A for 7UAD. Once the over-
current protection is triggered, it can be reset by removing the
shortcircuit cause and keeping it under no load condition for
about 100 ms.
Important remark: for tests, GND-AL must be connected to
platform GND.
+V-LNB value is set via the I
C bus: around 13V for vertical
polarized satellite channels and around 18V for the horizontal
ones. Maximum output current is limited to 400mA
The best way to find a failure in the DC/DC converters is to
check their start-up sequence at power "on", presuming that
the external supply is operational. Take the STANDBY signal
"high"-to-"low" transition as trigger reference and check the
power start-up sequence as described above.
Behaviour comparison with a working Fusion R3 platform
can be a fast way to locate failures.
Check first the integrity of fuses 1UA0, 1UA1 and (if
present) 1UA2 and 1UP1.
If a fuse is found interrupted: check the respective +12Va
(or +12Vb or +12V-DVBS) short circuit with all of the
derived supply voltages, for example: a +12Va ->+1V5
short circuit will probably be caused by a defective 7UB5
integrated circuit.
Switching frequency should be around 400KHz for 7UP2,
500KHz for 7UC0 and 7URA, 650KHz for 7UB5 and
800KHz for 7UR6.
When a short circuit to GND is found on one of the supply
voltage delivered by a switching voltage regulator, then try
first removing the power coil(s) from the output filter of the
converter, this to point the location of the short circuit (at
converter side or at load side).
Power Supply Unit
For fault finding tips, refer to section 7.2.1.
Exit "Factory Mode"
This mode can be recognized as state of no respons on any
random remote control request, this mode manifest by flashing
LED, visualized in front of the TV.
To exit this mode, push the "VOLUME minus" button on the
TV's local keyboard for 10 seconds (this disables the
continuous mode).
Then push the "SOURCE" button for 10 seconds until to exit the
"Factory mode".
When something is wrong with the TV set (f.i. the set is
rebooting) you can check for more information via the logging


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