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Using The Network Mailbox; Using The Network Mailbox For Setting Speed Dialling; Viewing The Network Mailbox Message; Using Several Handsets - Siemens Gigaset E365 Manual

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Using the network mailbox

Using the network mailbox
The network mailbox is your network pro-
vider's answering machine. You cannot
use the network mailbox unless you have
applied to your network provider.
Using the network mailbox for
setting speed dialling
With speed dialling, you can direct dial
either the network mailbox or the inte-
grated answering machine directly.
The integrated answering machine is pre-
configured for speed dialling. You can
configure the network mailbox instead.
Obtain information from your network
Configuring the network mailbox for speed
dialling and entering the network mailbox
Voice Mail
Network Mailbox
(‰ = on)
Enter the number of the
network mailbox
This setting is now valid for all registered
Calling the network mailbox
Press and hold. This connects
you directly to the network
Viewing the network mailbox
When a message arrives for you, you get a
call from the network mailbox. If you have
requested Calling Line Identification, the
display shows the network mailbox
number. If you accept the call, the new
messages are played back. If you do not
accept the call, the network mailbox
number will be stored in the list of missed
calls (page 20).
Set Key 1

Using several handsets

Registering handsets

You can register up to four handsets on
your base station.
Automatic registration Gigaset E36 on
Gigaset E365, see page 10.
Manual registration Gigaset E36 on
Gigaset E365
You must activate manual registration of
the handset on both the handset and the
base station.
After it has registered, the handset returns
to idle status. If several handsets are regis-
tered on the base, the internal number is
shown in the display after registration,
e.g. 2.
The registration process is cancelled after
60 seconds. If the handset has not regis-
tered within this time, repeat the process.
On the handset
Register Handset
system PIN of base station (default
status: 0000)
On the base station
Press and hold the registra-
tion/paging key on the base
station (page 2) (min. 1 sec.).
Registering other handsets
You can register other Gigaset handsets
and handsets for other devices with GAP
functionality as follows.
On the handset: Start to register the
handset as described in its user guide.
On the base station: Press and hold the
registration/paging key ù on the base
station (page 2) (min. 1 sec.).


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