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• Add oil to the food as a coating.
Warning! Never pour oil into the basket (7).
• Sit the appliance on a stable, level, heat
resistant surface.
• Leave a space of at least 50mm all
around the appliance.
• Have oven gloves or a cloth close to
• If grilling or using the skewers, use of
non metallic tongs is recommended.
• To lock the basket handle (6), press the
large central section into the handle.
The small end of the section will stick
out from the opposite side of the basket
• To unlock the handle press the small
part of the section into the basket
• Unlock the basket handle (6).
• Push the slot in the end of the basket
handle (6) over the lug on the basket (7).
• Lock the basket handle (6).
• Remove the basket (7) from the
• Check that the drip tray (5) is fitted.
• Close the door (3).
• Attach the appliance to the power
• Set the thermostat (11) to the required
• Set the timer (10) to 5.
(Original instructions)
• The thermostat light will glow, then
cycle on and off as the thermostat
maintains the temperature.
• When the timer returns to 0, the
appliance will switch off.
• Put the food into the basket (7) - don't
over fill the basket.
• Leave space for the hot air to circulate
between pieces of food.
• Open the door (3).
• Put the basket (7) into the appliance.
• Unlock the basket handle (6).
• Detach the handle (6) from the basket (7).
• Close the door (3).
• Set the timer (10) to the time you need.
Always rotate to 5 minutes more than
required, then wind back to time you
• Halfway through cooking, remove the
basket (7) with the handle, shake it, and
/or turn the food over, then replace the
basket (7) in the body (1).
• The appliance will switch off when you
open the door, and switch on again
once you close it.
• The timer (10) will continue to count
• When the timer reaches 0 the appliance
will switch off.
• Unplug the appliance.

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