After Use; Inspection And Repairs - Black & Decker AF500 Original Instructions Manual

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Safety of others
• This appliance is not intended for use
by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning
use of the appliance by a person
responsible for their safety.
• Children should be supervised to
ensure that they do not play with the

After use

• Switch off, remove the plug from the
socket and let the appliance cool down
before leaving it unattended and before
changing, cleaning or inspecting any
parts of the appliance.
• When not in use, the appliance should
be stored in a dry place. Children should
not have access to stored appliances.

Inspection and repairs

• Before use, check the appliance for
damaged or defective parts. Check for
breakage of parts, damage to switches
and any other conditions that may
affect its operation.
• Do not use the appliance if any part is
damaged or defective.
• Have any damaged or defective parts
repaired or replaced by an authorised
repair agent.
• Before use, check the power supply
cord for signs of damage, ageing
and wear.
• Do not use the appliance if the power
supply cord or mains plug is damaged
or defective.
(Original instructions)
• If the power supply cord or mains plug
is damaged or defective it must be
repaired by an authorised repair agent
in order to avoid a hazard. Do not cut
the power supply cord and do not
attempt to repair it yourself.
• Never attempt to remove or replace any
parts other than those specified
in this manual.
Additional safety instructions for
Warning! Do not place near a hot Gas or
electric oven.
• Use the original components only.
Caution: Ensure that the appliance is
switched off before performing any
maintenance or cleaning.
• Do not immerse the appliance, base,
cord or plug in any liquid.
• If an extension lead is used, it must
be earthed.
• Ensure the door is correctly closed
before use.
Caution: Hot air and steam may escape
from the vents during use.
Caution: Care must be taken when opening
the door as hot steam may escape.
• Use oven gloves when handling hot
• Only cook with the accessories provided.
• Always use the drip tray to protect the
cavity base.
• Leave adequate space around the
appliance for ventillation.

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Table of Contents

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