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Motorola MBP622 Quick Start Manual page 7

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Abuse & Misuse. Defects or damage that result from: (a) improper operation, storage, misuse or
abuse, accident or neglect, such as physical damage (cracks, scratches, etc.) to the surface of the
product resulting from misuse; (b) contact with liquid, water, rain, extreme humidity or heavy
perspiration, sand, dirt or the like, extreme heat, or food; (c) use of the Products or Accessories for
commercial purposes or subjecting the Product or Accessory to abnormal usage or conditions; or
(d) other acts which are not the fault of MOTOROLA or BINATONE, are excluded from coverage.
Use of Non-Motorola branded Products and Accessories. Defects or damage that result from the
use of Non-Motorola branded or certified Products or Accessories or other peripheral equipment
are excluded from coverage.
Unauthorized Service or Modification. Defects or damages resulting from service, testing,
adjustment, installation, maintenance, alteration, or modification in any way by someone other
than MOTOROLA, BINATONE or its authorized service centers, are excluded from coverage.
Altered Products. Products or Accessories with (a) serial numbers or date tags that have been
removed, altered or obliterated; (b) broken seals or that show evidence of tampering; (c)
mismatched board serial numbers; or (d) nonconforming or non-Motorola branded housings, or
parts, are excluded from coverage.
Communication Services. Defects, damages, or the failure of Products or Accessories due to any
communication service or signal you may subscribe to or use with the Products or Accessories is
excluded from coverage.
How to Obtain Warranty Service or Other Information?
To obtain service or information, please call:
+44 (0) 844 557 0890 (UK only)
+44 (0) 8187 62092 (ROI)
You will receive instructions on how to ship the Products or Accessories at your expense and risk,
to a BINATONE Authorized Repair Center. To obtain service, you must include: (a) the Product or
Accessory; (b) the original proof of purchase (receipt) which includes the date, place and seller of
the Product; (c) if a warranty card was included in your box, a completed warranty card showing
the serial number of the Product; (d) a written description of the problem; and, most importantly;
(e) your address and telephone number.



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