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AT&T 1815 User Manual: Answering Calls; Message Window; Saving Messages; Listening To Your Messages

At&t user manual tapeless digital answering system telephone with time/day 1815.
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Answering Calls

When the system answers a call, the caller hears the announce-
ment you recorded, followed by a beep. After the beep, the
system begins recording your caller's message. A caller can leave
a message up to 3 minutes long. If the message is longer than 3
minutes, or if the caller is silent for more than 7 seconds, or if the
system runs out of memory, the system beeps once and hangs up.
Frequent callers can skip over your announcement by pressing #.
Ring Select/Toll Saver
Use the RING SELECT switch on the back of the system to
select how many times the line will ring before the system
answers a call. Set to 2 for two rings, set to 4 for four rings, or set
to TS for Toll Saver. When you set the system to TS, the system
answers after 4 rings when you have no new messages, and after 2
rings when you have new messages.
Message Window
The Message Window displays the number of messages that have
been recorded. If the Message Window displays F, then the
memory is full and you'll need to delete messages before new
ones can be recorded.
PLAY Light
The PLAY Light blinks when you have new messages, and
remains steady when you have messages in memory that you've
already played. The PLAY Light is off when there are no
messages in memory.
Call Screening/Intercept
Set the system to answer calls, and set the volume control so you
can hear the caller's message.
If you decide to take the call, lift the handset of this phone or any
phone on the same line. The system stops recording and resets to
answer calls.
Listening to Your Messages
As the system plays back messages, the Message Window
displays the number of the message playing. Before playing each
message, the system announces the day and time the message was
received. After playing the last message, the system announces
"End of messages."
Play all messages — Press and release P. If you
have no messages, the system announces "No messages."
Play new messages only — Hold down P for about
2 seconds, until the system begins playing. If you have
no new messages, the system announces "No new
Repeat entire message — Press and release ?.
Repeat part of message — Hold down ? for a
few seconds, then release it to resume playing. The
system beeps while the button is held down.
Skip to next message — Press and release /.
Skip part of a message — Hold down / for a
few seconds, then release it to resume playing. The
system beeps while the button is held down.
Stop message playback — Press and release S.
Privacy Playback
Instead of hearing your messages through the system's speaker,
you can listen to them through the answering system handset.
Hold down S while you lift the handset.
Press and release P to play all messages
— OR —
Hold down P for about 2 seconds to play new
messages only.
After pressing P, you can follow the directions
above to repeat, skip, or stop message playback.
NOTE: Privacy Playback will not work if you have answered a
call, or if you lift the handset and place a call before pressing P.
Saving Messages
The system saves your messages automatically if you do not
delete them. The system can save about 12 minutes of messages,
including your announcement, for up to a total of 99 messages.
When memory is full, you must delete some or all messages
before new messages can be recorded.
Deleting Messages
Delete all messages — Hold down D. The system
announces "Messages deleted" and the Message Window
displays 0. If you haven't listened to all of the messages,
the system beeps 5 times, and does not delete messages.
Delete selected messages — Press and release D
while the message you want to delete is being played.
The system beeps once, and continues with the next
message. If you want to check a message before you
delete it, you can press ? to replay a message
before deleting it.
When the system reaches the end of the last message, the
messages not deleted are renumbered, and the Message
Window displays the total number of messages remaining
in memory.

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