Kenmore 970c4262 series Use & Care Manual
Kenmore 970c4262 series Use & Care Manual

Kenmore 970c4262 series Use & Care Manual

Slide-in induction range


Use & Care Guide
Guide d'utilisation et d'entretien
English / Français
Model/Modele: 970
Kenmore Elite
Slide-in Induction Range
Cuisinière à Induction
* = color number, numéro de coleur
P/N A00539501 Rev. A
Sears Canada Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2C3


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  • Page 1 Use & Care Guide Guide d’utilisation et d’entretien English / Français Model/Modele: 970 4262* Kenmore Elite ® Slide-in Induction Range Cuisinière à Induction * = color number, numéro de coleur P/N A00539501 Rev. A Sears Canada Inc. Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2C3...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Solutions to Common Problems ..............43 Before Setting Oven Controls ..............17 Kenmore Elite One Year Limited Warranty FOR ONE YEAR from the date of sale this appliance is warranted against defects in material or workmanship when it is operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions.
  • Page 3: Parts And Repair Service

    Parts and Repair Service Parts and Repair Service Sears Parts and Repair Services WE’RE THERE FOR YOU LONG AFTER THE SALE To purchase replacement parts and product accessories, call 1.800.4.MY.HOME (1.800.469.4663), visit, or visit your nearest Sears Parts and Repair store. Delivery to your home is available.
  • Page 4 Parts and Repair Service Model and Serial Plate Location To locate the model and serial plate open oven door and look for the serial plate on the left side of the oven frame. 2500 Record the date of purchase, model and serial number of your product in the corresponding space below..
  • Page 5 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. This manual contains important safety symbols and instructions. Please pay Tip Over Hazard attention to these symbols and follow al • A child or adult can tip the instructions given. appliance and be killed.
  • Page 6 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. Do not store items of interest to Important: This appliance has been tested children in the cabinets above a range on the and found to comply with the limits for a backguard of the ranges.
  • Page 7 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. • Proper installation—Be sure your appliance is properly installed and • Cold temperatures can damage the grounded by a qualified technician in electronic control. When using this accordance with the National Elec- appliance for the first time, or when trical Code ANSI/NFPA No.
  • Page 8 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. Important Instructions for Using your Important Instructions for Using Your Oven Cooktop • Never use your appliance for warming or • Know which keys controls each surface heating the room. cooking zone.
  • Page 9 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read all instructions before using this appliance. Important Instructions for Cleaning Your Grounding Instructions Range For models factory-equipped with a power Before manually cleaning any cord: part of the range, be sure all controls are Avoid fire hazard or electrical turned OFF and the range is cool.
  • Page 10: Before Setting Surface Controls

    Before Setting Surface Controls Using Correct Cookware Type Use Quality Cookware in Good Condition The magnetic Cooking Zone sensors located below the cooktop The cookware used with the Induction Cooktop should have flat surface require the use of cookware made with magnetic bottoms that make good contact with the entire surface of the material in order to start the heating process on any of the Cooking Zone.
  • Page 11 Before Setting Surface Controls Induction Cookware Minimum Pan Size Requirements The induction cooking zones have pan sensing to let you know Important: Pan bottoms should not extend more than ½” that the cookware is in proper position for cooking. The display (13mm) beyond outer Cooking Zone (Induction).
  • Page 12 Before Setting Surface Controls Cooktop Display Windows Sabbath Feature ( ) Message The cooktop controls provide a digital display for each of the The cooktop display windows will show the message radiant surface elements located on the cooktop. Power levels whenever the Sabbath feature is active (Figure 8).
  • Page 13 Before Setting Surface Controls Power Sharing Operational Noises In order to give you more flexibility, your induction cooktop is The electronics generating the induction fields can produce equipped with more cooking zones than the number of induction some sounds as the cookware is heating. But they do produce generators.
  • Page 14 Before Setting Surface Controls Cooktop Lockout (--) Home Canning Use the Cooktop Lockout to lock all surface elements from being Be sure to read and observe all the following points when home accidentally turned on. This feature will only lockout the cooktop canning with your appliance.
  • Page 15: Setting Surface Controls

    Setting Surface Controls Operating Induction Cooking Zones Do not place flammable items (plastic salt and pepper shakers, spoon holders, plastic wrappings, etc.) on the Start most surface cooking on a higher setting and then adjust to a lower setting to finish cooking. The suggested settings may cooktop when in use.
  • Page 16 Setting Surface Controls Cooktop Operational Noises WARM ZONE Temperature selection The electronic processes involved in induction cooking may If a particular food is not listed, start with the medium heat level create some background noises. You may hear a slight buzzing and adjust as needed (See Table 2 below).
  • Page 17: Before Setting Oven Controls

    Before Setting Oven Controls Types of Oven Racks Oven Vent Location The oven vent is located under the control panel (Figure 13). When the oven is on, warm air passes through this vent. Steam or moisture may appear near the oven vent, this is normal. This venting is necessary for proper air circulation in the oven and good baking results.
  • Page 18 Before Setting Oven Controls The Glide rack (some models) allows you to easily slide bakeware in and out to check food or to remove or place items while firmly holding even heavier items in place. The rack will not extend beyond the glide stop position unless it is released manually.
  • Page 19: Setting Oven Controls

    Setting Oven Controls Setting Oven Controls Timer Add 1 Cook Minute Time Delay Slow Warm Start Cook & Hold Conv Conv Cakes Conv Bake Broil START Bake Roast Heat Breads Convert Meat Self STOP Probe Clean COOKTOP OVEN LOCKOUT LOCKOUT Timer Set/Off - Use to set and cancel timer.
  • Page 20 Setting Oven Controls Setting The Clock Changing Between Continuous Bake Setting or 12 Hour Energy Saving When the appliance is first powered up, 12:00 will flash in the display (Figure 18). The time of day must first be set before The oven control has a factory preset built-in 12 Hour Energy operating the oven.
  • Page 21 Setting Oven Controls Setting Silent or Audible Control mode Operating Oven Lights Silent mode allows the oven control to operate without audible The interior oven lights will automatically turn on when the oven tones. The control may be programmed for silent operation and door is opened.
  • Page 22 Setting Oven Controls Setting PreHeat Setting Bake For best baking performance use the PreHeat feature. The Use the bake feature whenever the recipe calls for baking using Preheat feature will bring the oven up to the set cooking temper- normal temperatures. A reminder tone will sound indicating ature.
  • Page 23 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Bake To set Convection Bake with a default oven set temperature of 350°F (177°C): The convection function uses a fan to circulate the oven's heat Press Conv Bake. uniformly and continuously around the oven (Figure 26).
  • Page 24 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Convert Cakes and Breads Pressing the Conv Convert key automatically converts the The Cakes Breads functions are designed to give optimum cooking temperature entered for any standard baking recipe to baking performance for Cakes or Breads. These functions work the lower temperature required for convection baking.
  • Page 25 Setting Oven Controls Setting Cook Time Setting Delay Start Use Cook Time to program the oven control to automatically Delay Start sets a delayed starting time to oven cooking or turn the oven function off after a desired length of time. cleaning functions.
  • Page 26 Setting Oven Controls Setting Broil To set Broil with the default broil oven temperature of 550°F: Arrange the oven racks when cool. For optimum browning Use the broil function to cook meats that require direct exposure results, preheat oven for 2 minutes before adding food. to radiant heat for optimum browning results.
  • Page 27 Setting Oven Controls Setting Convection Roast Setting Slow Cook The Convection Roast function combines a cook cycle with the The Slow Cook feature cooks foods more slowly and at lower convection fan to roast meats and poultry. Meats cooked using oven temperatures for longer periods of time.
  • Page 28 Setting Oven Controls Meat Probe To set meat probe: receptacle Prepare the food and properly probe When cooking meat such as roasts, hams or poultry, use the connector insert the temperature probe meat probe function to check the internal temperature without handle into the food.
  • Page 29 Setting Oven Controls To set the oven to continue cooking after reaching the probe Warm & Hold target temperature: Food poisoning hazard. Do not let food sit for Press Meat Probe and hold for 6 seconds. more than one hour before or after cooking. Doing so can result in food poisoning or sickness.
  • Page 30 Setting Oven Controls Warmer Drawer Arranging Warmer Drawer Rack Positions The purpose of the warmer drawer is to keep hot cooked The warmer drawer rack can be set in two positions to accom- foods at serving temperature. Use the warmer drawer feature to modate foods and any items that need to be warmed or kept keep cooked foods hot such as vegetables, gravies, casseroles, warm.
  • Page 31 Setting Oven Controls Warmer Drawer Settings Proof Bread (Warmer Drawer) Refer to the warmer drawer recommended food settings below. The warmer drawer has a Proof Bread feature that may be used If a particular food is not listed, start with the medium level, and to prepare bread dough.
  • Page 32 Setting Oven Controls Setting the Sabbath feature (for use on the Jewish To program oven to Bake with default oven temperature of Sabbath and Holidays) 350°F and activate the Sabbath feature: Be sure the clock is set with the correct time of day. For further assistance, guidelines for proper usage and a complete list of models with the 2.
  • Page 33 Setting Oven Controls To turn off the Sabbath feature: Recipe Recall Press and hold both Cook Time and Delay Start simultaneously Use the Recipe Recall feature to record and recall your favorite for at least 3 seconds to turn the Sabbath feature off. The baking recipe settings.
  • Page 34 Setting Oven Controls Restoring Factory Default Settings Adjusting Oven Temperatures Your appliance was set with predetermined (default) oven Your appliance has been factory calibrated and tested to ensure control settings. The following options may have been modified accurate baking temperatures. For the first few uses, follow your since the appliance was new: recipe times and temperature recommendations carefully.
  • Page 35 Setting Oven Controls Self Clean • Remove any excessive build up caused by spills. Any spill on the oven bottom should be wiped up and removed before A self cleaning oven cleans with very high temperatures well starting a self clean cycle. To clean, use hot, soapy water above normal cooking temperatures.
  • Page 36 Setting Oven Controls When Self Clean is finished: Setting Delay Start Self Clean Use caution when opening the oven door after To start a delay Self Clean with default clean time of 3 hours self cleaning. The oven may still be very hot and can cause and a start time of 9:00 o’clock: burns.
  • Page 37: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning Cleaning Various Parts of Your Oven Before cleaning any part of the oven, be sure all controls are turned off and the oven is cool. Remove spills and any heavy soiling as soon as possible. Regular cleaning will reduce the difficulty of major cleaning later. Surface Type Recommendation Aluminum and Vinyl...
  • Page 38 Care and Cleaning Cooktop Maintenance Cooktop Cleaning Consistent and proper cleaning is essential to maintaining your Do not use a cooktop cleaner on a hot ceramic glass cooktop. cooktop. The fumes can be hazardous to your health, and can chemically damage the ceramic-glass surface. Prior to using your cooktop for the first time, apply the recom- mended CookTop®...
  • Page 39 Care and Cleaning Care and Cleaning (cont Aluminum foil and utensils Do not use the following on the cooktop: Never cover any slots, holes or passages in the oven bottom or cover an entire oven rack with materials such as •...
  • Page 40 Care and Cleaning Removing and Replacing the Warmer Drawer To replace the warmer drawer: Pull the bearing glides to the front of the outer compart- To remove the warmer drawer: ment glide channels until they snap into place (See Electrical shock hazard can occur and result in Figure 51).
  • Page 41 Care and Cleaning Removing and Replacing the Oven Door Oven door The door is heavy. For safe, temporary storage, lay the door flat with the inside of the door facing down. hinge locations To remove the oven door: Open oven door completely, horizontal with floor (See Figure 53).
  • Page 42: Before You Call

    Before You Call Oven Baking For best cooking results, heat the oven before baking cookies, breads, cakes, pies or pastries, etc. There is no need to preheat the oven for roasting meat or baking casseroles. The cooking times and temperatures needed to bake a product may vary slightly from your previously owned appliance. Baking Problems and Solutions Baking Problems Causes...
  • Page 43: Solutions To Common Problems

    Before You Call Solutions to Common Problems Before you call for service, review the following list. It may save you time and expense. Possible solutions are provided with the problem listed: Problem Solution Poor baking results • Many factors effect baking results. Use proper oven rack position. Center food in the oven and space pans to allow air to circulate.
  • Page 44 Before You Call Convection fan does not rotate. • Oven door is open. Convection fan will turn off if oven door is opened when convection is active. Close oven door. Surface element is too hot or not hot • Incorrect surface control setting. Adjust power level setting. enough.
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