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Once Your Icemaker and Dispenser are in Operation
Throw away the first few batches of ice cubes (16 or 24 cubes). This
To make sure tie bin fills with ice, level the cubes occasionally.
will flush away any impurities in the water line. Do the same thing
When cubes fall into the bin they may pile up close to the icemaker
after vacations or extended periods when ice isn't used.
and push the feeler arm to the
(up) position, which stops icemting,
On models with a water dispenser, pour the first six glassfuls of water
before the bin gets full. Keeping the cubes level allows the icemaker
in the kitchen sink. The fust water through the system picks up a
to fill the bin.
slight "plastic" taste from the water tubing.
To Dispense Ice and Water
Grip the ~lass or other
water (on some models),
ice cubes,
~> or crushed ice (on some
Dispenser pad
con~ainernear the rim and
press the rim against the
center of the dispenser pad.
Dispenser pad /
When Dispensing Ice...
Some crushed ice may be dispensed even though you selected
Cubes. This happens occasionally when a few cubes get channeled to
the crusher.
Sometimes a mound of snow will form on tbe door in the ice chute.
This condition is normal, and usually occurs when you have dispensed
crushed ice repeatedly. The snow will eventually evaporate.
Sometimes crushed ice will spray beyond the glass. To avoid this,
hold the glass up close to the chute.
When Dispensing Water...
The first glass of water dispensed maybe warmer than the
foilowing ones. This is normal.
Dispensed water is cool, not iced. For colder water, simply add
crashed ice or cubes before dispensing water.
To Stop Dispensing
Release uressure from the dispenser
pad and wait a few seconds to catch the
last bits of ice or drops of water.
There may be some dripping after
dispensing crushed ice or water. If there
is a lot of dripping, the spill should be
wiped dry right away.
Do not pour water in the spill shelf
Press here to remove grille
because it is
not self draining—pour
it in the kitchen sink. The shelf and its
grille should be cleaned regularly according
to Care and Cleaning instructions. The ~rille
If Ice Clumps Form in the Storage Bin...
The icemaker ejects cubes in groups of eight, and it is normal for
several cubes to be joined together. However, if you don't use the ice
very often ice clumps may form in the storage bin and can clog
the dispenser.
If Wls happens:
Remove the storage bin from the freezer.
Break up ice clumps with your hands. Throw away any clumps that
you can't break up.
Replace the bin before the remaining cubes melt and fuse together.
is easily removed b~ pressing on the back right corner.


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