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Safety Precautions - Haier HWM65-1128NZP User Manual

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Safety precautions

Please plug the plug on special
with rated voltage. Be sure to use
singlephase three pins receptacle.
Ensure the earthing prong of the power
receptacle is earthed reliably. Use
leakage protector if possible.
Do not bend ,extend, twist, bind by force. Do not press or nip it with weight.
Keep the pin of the power plug clean, if the power plug is polluted with dust,
please wipe with dry cloth carefully.
If the power cord or the power plug is bad, to avoid risk it is required to have
it replaced by the technicians of our special shop or our customer care agent.
In case the washing machine is installed
on ground with carpet, do not block the
ventilation hole with carpet.
Do not put the machine at damp place like
the bathroom. Never wash it with water.
Not put wet laundries on the control panel.
Do not let the machine share one receptacle with other
electric appliances. If the power plug is damaged, or
the plugging into the receptacle is loose,
do not use the plug any more.
The ventilation holes
at the bottom
The power cord plug should be convenient
to be pluged in or pluged out with hand
while the washing machine runs normally.
Be sure to pull the plug out and close the
water tap when the machine is idle, when
moving the machine, or when cleaning the
machine. Do not use wet hand to insert or
pull out the power plug.
Do not use water hotter than 50 °C .
Do not wash water-proof laundries like
the raincoat, bike covers etc. to avoid
abnormal vibrations in spinning.



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