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Viking VCSB5481 Series Technical Information Page 16

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To avoid risk ofelectrical shock, personal injury or death, disconnect power to unit before servicing.
Thermostat closes when temperature reaches 17° ± 3° F (-8.3° ± 1.5° C). Current flows through thermostat
to motor, see "Icemaker wiring diagram." Motor islinked with drive gear. From module, there are copper
contacts that ride on copper strips on backside ofdrive gear. As the drive gear rotates, contacts will make
or break a circuit (track) to the copper strips to operate the icemaker.
. .
Wiring Harness
Support Screws
- Shutoff Arrr
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All components can be tested without removing icemaker or moving refrigerator away from installed posi
tion. Remove the cover to access test points shown in Figure below.
N - Neutral side of line voltage
M - Motor connection
H - Heater connection
T - Thermostat connection
L - LI (hot)side of line voltage
V - Water valve connection
insulated 14 gauge wire,
with ends stripped back
Verify icemaker has power (hold freezer door switch in closed position to supplypower), shut offarm is
down, and freezer is cold enough to close bimetal thermostat (below 17° F).
• Test point L and N will verify 120 volts to icemaker module.
• Test point T and H will verifybimetal thermostat is open or closed.
• Verify that test probe goes in at least 1/2" into test point to ensure proper contact.
To avoid icemaker damage, do not short any
contacts together other than those specified.
1. Using jumper (see jumper above) short T and Hto run motor. Ifmotor runs with jumper but did not run
in normal operation, replace bimetal thermostat. Ifmotor does not run, replace faulty motor.
2. Leave jumper in for halfof revolution ofejector blades. Touch heater mold, if it feels warm, heater is
working properly.
3. Remove jumper, water valve will be energized in last half ofrevolution, ifmold heater has not failed.


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