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Casio transformer xw-pd1 User Manual page 7

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Misuse of batteries can cause them to leak, resulting in damage to nearby objects, or to explode, creating the risk of fire
and personal injury. Be sure to observe the following points.
• Use only batteries that are specified for this product.
• Remove batteries from the product if you do not plan to use it for a long time.
• Use Panasonic Group AA-size eneloop batteries or AA-size rechargeable EVOLTA batteries. Do not use any other
type of rechargeable batteries.
• When charging batteries, use only the specified special charger required the each battery type.
• Rechargeable batteries cannot be charged while they are loaded in TRACKFORMER.
• When using eneloop batteries, rechargeable EVOLTA batteries, or a special charger required for the batteries, be sure
to read and comply with the information in the user documentation and precautions that come with them.
Connect only specified devices and equipment to the product's connectors. Connecting anything else creates the risk of
fire and electric shock.
Avoid the following locations for this product. These types of locations create the risk of fire and electric shock.
• Areas subject to high humidity or large amounts of dust
• In food preparation areas or other areas subject to oil smoke
• Near air conditioning equipment, on a heated carpet, in areas exposed to direct sunlight, inside of a vehicle parked in
the sun, or any other area that subjects the product to high temperatures
Do not listen to audio output at very loud volumes for long periods. Particular care concerning this precaution is
required when using headphones. High volume settings can damage your hearing.
Never place any heavy object on top of the product. Doing so can cause the object to fall off and create the chance of
personal injury.
Rechargeable batteries
Locations to Be Avoided
Volume Level
Heavy Objects
General Guide



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