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Power Requirements - Casio transformer xw-pd1 User Manual

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Power Requirements

TRACKFORMER supports operation using one of two
different power supplies: household electrical power
or batteries. Be sure to turn off power whenever you
are not using TRACKFORMER.
Using the AC Adaptor
Make sure that you use only the AC adaptor specified
for TRACKFORMER. Use of a different type of AC
adaptor can cause malfunction.
Specified AC Adaptor: AD-E95100L
(JEITA Standard plug)
Household power outlet
AC adaptor
• Be sure to turn off TRACKFORMER power before
connecting or disconnecting the AC adaptor.
• The AC adaptor will become warm to the touch after
very long use. This is normal and does not indicate
• To prevent breaking of the wire, take care to avoid
putting any type of load on the power cord.
No bending!
• Never insert metal, pencils, or any other objects into
the product's 9.5V DC terminal. Doing so creates the
risk of accident.
Using Batteries
Use six AA-size batteries for power.
You can use any one of the following types of batteries
for power: AA-size manganese batteries, AA-size
alkaline batteries, rechargeable AA-size Panasonic
Group eneloop or EVOLTA batteries. Do not use any
other type of rechargeable batteries except for those
specified above. When charging batteries, use only the
specified special charger required the each battery
type. When using a battery charger, be sure to read and
follow the instructions and precautions in the user
documentation that comes with the charger.
TRACKFORMER does not come with chargeable
batteries or a charger.
• Remove the battery compartment cover located in
■ Low Battery Indication
The amount of operating time that can be expected
DC 9.5V terminal
under battery power is shown below.
Approximately five hours
• Using a high volume setting, low ambient
• General guidelines concerning battery life are
• Replace batteries at least once a year. In particular,
No winding!
• Be sure to turn off TRACKFORMER before replacing
• When replacing batteries, be sure to load a full set of
Low battery power is
indicated when the display
starts to flash. Replace
batteries with new ones as
soon as possible.
the center of TRACKFORMER's bottom panel, and
load six AA-size batteries into the battery
compartment. Make sure the plus and minus ends of
the batteries are facing as shown in the illustration.
temperature, and certain performance styles can
shorten battery life.
provided above. Note that actual battery life depends
on the type of battery being used.
leaving dead rechargeable (eneloop, EVOLTA)
batteries loaded in the product creates the risk of
deterioration of the rechargeable batteries. Remove
batteries from TRACKFORMER as soon as possible
after they go dead.
six new AA-size manganese batteries, AA-size
alkaline batteries, or a set of fully charged AA-size
rechargeable batteries (eneloop or EVOLTA). Using
batteries other than those specified or mixing old and
new batteries can greatly shorten battery life and
result in malfunction.
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