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Changing To Another Pattern; Applying An Effect; Saving Sequence Data - Casio transformer xw-pd1 User Manual

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Using the Step Sequencer to Create a Song

Changing to Another Pattern

Use the procedure below to change to another pattern
for sequence data creation.
Press the PATTERN selector button.
This enables pattern selection using sequence step keys
1 through 8.
Pattern group number
Press the sequence step key whose number
corresponds to the pattern you want to select
(1 to 8).
This switches to the selected pattern.
• You can change the pattern group using sequence
step keys 11 through 14. Changing the pattern group
makes it possible to play back multiple patterns and
to change the pattern playback sequence. For more
information, refer to the separate User's Guide

Applying an Effect

The filter effect is assigned to pad 13 in bank 1 of
sequence data file 000. Pressing pad 13 causes the filter
effect to be applied to the sequence data. You can also
assign an effect to a sequence step key and create a
sequence that has the effect applied.
To apply an effect
While holding down the SEQ selector button,
use the 11 (–) and 12 (+) buttons to select
sequence data file number 000.
After pressing the BANK selector button,
press sequence step key 1 to select bank 1.
Current pattern
Pattern number
Press pad 13.
The filter effect is applied to the sequence data while
the pad is depressed.
• If you want an effect to be applied continually, hold
down the HOLD selector button as you press pad 13.
• Various effects are assigned to pads 14 through 16 in
bank 1 of sequence data file 000 as well. You can
apply multiple effects by pressing more than one
pad at the same time.
To assign an effect to a sequence step
Perform steps 1 and 2 under "To apply an
effect" to select sequence data file 000.
Press the STEP selector button.
Press the PLAY selector button.
The sequence data in the file will start to play, with
sequence step keys lighting in numeric sequence.
After pressing pad 13, press the sequence
step key of the step where you want to apply
the filter effect.
This assigns the filter effect to the sequence step key.
• To assign an effect to a sequential series of sequence
step keys, hold down the first sequence step key of
the series as you press the last sequence step key of
the series.
• You can also assign an effect to sequence step keys
without playing back sequence data.

Saving Sequence Data

You can replace the sequence data in TRACKFORMER
sequence data files 100 through 149 with sequence data
you create.
While holding down the FUNCTION selector
button, press the SEQ (WRITE) button.


Table of Contents

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