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Features - Kenmore C8906 Series Use & Care Manual

Gas & electric dryer
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Cycle Options
To select or delete the Soft Heat (if equipped), Wrinkle
Rid, or Cycle Signal, press OPTIONS until the blinking light
indicates the desired option. Then, while it is blinking, press
Select. The indicator will light when the option has been se-
lected. It will no longer be lighted when the option has been
Not all options are available on every model or are compatible
with every cycle. The indicator will not light if the option is
not available with that cycle.
To change the options once the cycle has begun,
press the Pause/Cancel button once, make the new selec-
tion and press Start again.
The options selected for the cycle will be remembered and
recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future. To
return to factory settings, press the Pause/Cancel and Select
buttons at the same time and hold until the signal sounds.


A signal will sound at the end of the cycle and periodically
during Wrinkle Rid if selected.
DRYING RACK (some models)
Use the drying rack to dry items which should not be tumble
Open the dryer door and remove the lint screen.
Insert drying rack into the dryer drum. Place the front bar
under the lip of the lint screen opening.
Place items to be dried on top of the rack. Weight should
not exceed 10 lbs. Leave space between items, but do not
let items hang over the sides or through the grids. Do not
tumble other items when using the drying rack.
Select a
Timed Dry cycle. Use only the No Heat option for
items containing plastic, foam rubber, rubber-like materials,
feathers or down.
When items are dry, remove the rack and replace the lint
screen. If lint screen is not in place, tumbling items could
enter the exhaust system and cause damage to the dryer.
under the lip of the lint
screen opening.
Place the front bar
Soft Heat (on select models)
Select the Soft Heat option to protect a load from
excessive heat which can lead to shrinking and over-drying.
The drying temperature will be gradually reduced as the
load dries.
Wrinkle Rid
Select Wrinkle Rid if the dried load might not be removed
promptly at the end of the cycle. The dry load will continue
tumbling without heat for 30 minutes to help reduce
wrinkling. When the Cycle Signal is selected, a beep will
be heard periodically. The load may be removed any time
during Wrinkle Rid.
Cycle Signal
A signal will sound at the end of the cycle and periodically
during Wrinkle Rid if this option is selected.
The drum light will come on whenever the door is opened to
illuminate the drum during loading and unloading. Closing
the door turns off the light.
Your dryer is equipped with a reversible door. The door can
be hinged on the right or left side.
For step-by-step instructions on DOOR REVERSAL, re-
fer to the Installation Instructions supplied with this dryer.
Control Lock
To avoid having someone accidentally start the dryer, press
OPTIONS and Select at the same time and hold for 10
seconds until the
(Control Lock) indicator lights up. To
unlock the controls, press OPTIONS and Select at the same
time and hold 10 seconds until the
is no longer lit.
Status Lights
The following indicators may be lighted during the cycle:
Cool Down
Wrinkle Rid
Clean Filter
Control Lock
8 8
(Control Lock) indicator


Table of Contents

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