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Kenmore C8906 Series Use & Care Manual page 5

Gas & electric dryer
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Drying Procedures, continued
Select the appropriate cycle and settings for each
Over-drying can cause wrinkles, shrinkage, lint,
harshness and a build up of static electricity.
Turn the cycle selector knob in either direction to select
the cycle desired.
A suitable dryness level and options will automatically
be indicated for the cycle selected. See the "Dryer Set-
tings Chart" for more details.
To change the settings, rotate the
press the DRYNESS and OPTIONS buttons to scroll to
the desired settings.
To select or delete an option, press
while the indicator is blinking, press Select. The indica-
tor will light when the option has been selected. It will
no longer be lighted when the option has been deleted.
To provide the best care for your laundry, not every
setting or option is available with every cycle. If a setting or
option is not available for the cycle selected, the indicator will
not light.
Adjustments to a cycle will be remembered and re-
called each time that cycle is selected in the future.
TEMP knob and
OPTIONS; then,
To return to factory settings, press the
and Select buttons at the same time and hold until the
signal sounds.
Press and hold both for ten seconds
to return to factory settings.
Start the cycle.
To add or remove items when the dryer is running,
open the door. The dryer will stop when the door is
opened. Allow the drum to come to a complete stop
before reaching inside.
Close the door and press
When the cycle ends, remove items immediately
and hang or fold.
Clean the lint fi lter after every load.
Start to resume the cycle.


Table of Contents

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