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Cycle Settings - Kenmore C8906 Series Use & Care Manual

Gas & electric dryer
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Cycle Selection, continued
Auto Dry Cycles
Auto Dry cycles take the guesswork out of selecting the
correct drying time for each load. The load will automatically
be dried at the selected temperature to the desired dryness
level. The dryer senses the moisture level of the load as it
tumbles through heated air. Auto Dry cycles save time and
energy and protect fabrics.
When the load has reached the selected dryness level, it will
continue to tumble during a cool down period. This helps
reduce wrinkling and makes items easier to handle during
Drying time varies depending on size and dampness of
load and fabric type. If the load is too small or almost dry,
the moisture sensing bars may not detect enough moisture
to continue the cycle and the cycle may end after a few
minutes. If this occurs, select a Timed Dry cycle.
Room temperature and humidity, type of installation and
electrical voltage or gas pressure can also affect drying time.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for towel loads.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for cotton items.
Perm Press
Select this Auto Dry cycle to dry cottons and blends with a
no-iron fi nish.
Select this Auto Dry cycle for knits and delicate items.
Timed Dry Cycles
- FIRE HAZARD - To avoid fi re hazard, do not
use heat to dry items containing feathers or down, foam rub-
ber, plastics similarly textured, rubber-like materials. Use the
Timed Dry cycle and the Air Fluff/No Heat setting.
Touch Up
Select Touch Up to help remove wrinkles from clean and
dry items that were not taken from the dryer at the end of
the cycle, have been stored in crowded closets or drawers,
or unpacked from luggage following a trip. It provides
approximately 10 minutes of tumbling followed by a
5-minute cool down period.
Select this cycle to quickly dry a small load made up of
just a few items. It provides approximately 20 minutes of
tumbling followed by a 10-minute cool down period.
Timed Dry
To manually select the drying time for any load, turn
the knob to a numbered setting. Drying times from 15
to 90 (or 15 to 120) minutes are available in 15-minute
increments. You will not be able to select a cycle or dryness
level. Timed Dry is recommended when using the No
Heat option.

Cycle Settings

For best results
Follow the fabric care label
instructions on items to be
Appropriate Dryness level and Options will automatically be
displayed for each cycle. The settings can be changed before
the cycle is started.
If changes are attempted after the cycle starts, the lights will
blink and the signal will beep.
Drying Temperature
Turn the TEMP knob until the desired drying temperature is
To change the temperature once the cycle has begun,
press the Pause/Cancel button once, make the new selec-
tion and press Start again.
High is recommended for sturdy fabrics.
Medium is recommended for wrinkle free, permanent press
and lightweight fabrics.
Low is recommended for delicate fabrics.
No Heat
This setting (no heat) should only be used with a Timed
Dry cycle to dry items containing feathers, down, foam
rubber, plastics or rubber-like materials; to refresh clothing,
stuffed animal, pillows or blankets; and to dust draperies.
Dryness Level (Auto Dry)
To change the preset level, press the Dryness button to scroll
to the degree of dryness desired.
To protect your fabrics, not all Dryness levels are available
with every cycle. If a Dryness level is not appropriate for the
cycle, it cannot be selected.
The Dryness level selected for the cycle will be remembered
and recalled each time that cycle is selected in the future. To
return to factory settings, press the Pause/Cancel and Select
buttons at the same time and hold until the signal sounds.
To change the Dryness level once the cycle has
begun, press the Pause/Cancel button once, make the new
selection and press Start again.
Select the Normal dryness level for most Auto Dry cycles.
Occasionally a load may seem too damp or over-dried at the
end of the cycle. To increase drying time for similar loads in
the future, select More Dry. For loads requiring less drying
time, select Less Dry.
Select Damp for items you wish to partially dry before hang-
ing or ironing.


Table of Contents

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